Sunday, 26 February 2012

sunday fun

So it's Sunday. Perhaps your day of rest?

Not for me, I am beavering away trying to make the new site awesome. I am starting with a bang with some amazing competitions to get you a little excited but I am not underestimating how much I need you for this to be a success.

I need you. More than ever before.

I have some pretty exciting ideas. You know me for style (I think) and substance (I hope). There will be lots of style. Oh you will come to love Tuesdays - I have exciting fashion plans! Yet you know how I think you can love style and fashion and still be allowed to think. So I cannot wait for you to get involved with important discussions and be tantaslised by a little controversy. 

I want the new site to be somewhere you can feel safe and ask questions. I want to be a hub where one can cogitate on the married state, if you will!

So in light of that I want to hear from you. I want to know your troubles and questions. Whether they be about finding the perfect shoes (although perfection is a contentious subject around here!) or worries about whether you really should be getting married and everything inbetween. Talk to me, if I don't know the answer I will know someone who will.

Also the new site is not just for the ladies. Bean will be flying the banner for boys too. So please get your boys asking questions. Bean, the dandy, knows all about men's fashion and style and wants to help. He also has experienced a gamut of difficult wedding situations and wants to help you deal with those too, beancause you're worth it.

So don't delay - fill my inbox with queries and quandaries. Right now it's - I really want to hear from you!

Oh and don't forget to tell any girl you know who might be interested in proposing to her one true love on February 29th to enter this competition right now!


  1. Oh this is exciting Anna! I shall have a think for you xxx

  2. This is very exciting, since you tweeted I have been trying to think of a question - once I have one (or many) I will send them your way!

  3. How exciting! Fashion and relationships is always fun. I definitely think you should have a shoe related feature!


So, I really love all the sweet and/or informative comments that you lovelies leave. Yet if you feel the need to be unnecessarily rude or offensive I will delete your comment and not feel bad about it. So just be constructive alright! Hugs to all you wondrous others.


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