Saturday, 25 February 2012

Marry Me Afternoon Giveaway - Ends on Monday!

I have an amazing little competition for those who may be lurking who aren't quite engaged just yet. It is a leap year and well are you looking to take the bull by the horns?!

A delightful tea with the Golden Afternoon Tea Company via Thomas Bowles

The yummy Golden Afternoon Tea Company and the lovely Rose Tinted Days want to offer one lucky lady the opportunity to propose to their one true love in style.

You will win a scrumptious afternoon tea, English Rose menu that includes sandwiches, scones and the nicest cakes possible, all beautifully laid out with vintage china in a setting of your choice; your home or a park- if this spring-like weather holds. They'll even provide a bottle of fizz to celebrate because, of course the answer will be YES!

Even better you will also win an sweet engagement shoot at a later date!

All you need to do is pop over the the Golden Afternoon Tea Company Facebook page here, like it and leave a little comment - feel free to be cryptic - we want this to be a surprise too! Then if drop a little email to tell them about you and your love!

For more details click here.

Please note they can only cover the London area for the Marry Me afternoon tea. Winner will be announced on Monday 27th. If you have any question please email

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  1. Hey, that's a good idea. Get married on 29th February, then you only have to remember Wedding Anniversary once every four Years


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