Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Charlotte Olympia

I have waxed lyrical about Charlotte Olympia shoes before.

I have swooned and lusted over her cat shoes and generally over the pretty but these are perhaps the most bridal of her collection so far.

These Forever heels are a delightful 6 inches of white and blue silk satin pretty but are rather fun too. No? Just look at the sweet puffed heart on the toe. Oh my these could be your wedding shoes. Perhaps the lady who yearns for a teeny tiny directional peep out of her staunchly traditional wedding? 

Sure they are £660 but you know, why not? Go on, pre-order today!

Oh gosh I am in a decadent mood. Perhaps it's because I haven't had champagne today? (It has been a rather delightful past week!)


  1. For once, our sartorial tastes match! Love them. x

  2. Oh I like those! But eeek to the price!


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