Saturday, 21 January 2012

anna and Martha Stewart Weddings!

Just a quick note because despite having no internet I cannot stop thinking about the fun I had last week before all this week turned into mayhem! Please darling Bean, let your mobile hotspot work!

Last Friday I had the privilege of being invited by Niermerko weddings to the Dorchester to meet the wonderful Darcy Miller of the Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine! Excited does not cover it!

I wish I had actual internet so I could flood these pages with the amazing photographs from the afternoon of heaven. Alas I am moving house tomorrow and the router is nowhere to be found! So please follow this link to Martha Stewart Weddings to see for yourself!

Meeting Darcy Miller which was just sublime - she really knows weddings. There are no words to describe her. (Although if I could find them they would all be good!)

My personal highlight? Too many. Finally meeting people I have longed to meet for so long. The incredible talent in the Pavillion in the penthouse was palpable. Literally. These people ooze style and creativity. It was so inspiring to be talking to such stalwarts of the wedding industry. The most special dress designers - David Fielden (a fascinating chap to speak with after I stopped being quite so start struck!) and Ritva Westenius with the indefatigable Chenca - to name but two. I could go on but that would just make you insanely jealous and you may never want to speak to me again!

From epic photographers to calligraphers. I was in creative heaven discussing beautiful weddings but perhaps more importantly finding out that these amazing suppliers want to be part of the discourse of weddings. They are more than just creatives - they are in love with their brides and actually care. It was eye opening. The big names do care. Refreshing to hear that, no?

I cannot wait to show you some of the things we discussed - soon my pretties, soon. Let me get a new home and internet and I will be there!

Oh and to see the lovely blogging set - they make me smile muchly - who have a few more words to say too!

I can only hope there are a few more events like this in my future. Thank you so much for inviting me Mark. You certainly know how to throw a delicious afternoon tea with that little extra sparkle!


  1. Wow! That sounds amazing. I hope you get settled soon and that it goes smoothly.


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