Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year

For those who know me very very well (hmm perhaps just Bean then) this will seem like a very Anna post. However to the rest of you it may seem a little odd, a touch strange or perhaps actually spot on?

This year. Well I don't have a lovely countdown of the months like others. This year has been not great, not good, not even really fine. I was hoping to give you a rundown of my epic holidays but then realised it might be a tad dull. Shall I have a go anyway?

Big Scary Meeting - happened and was good. Hope abounds.
Bean is silly and sits in room with no phone signal - I have to wait outside for 90 mins.
"We" (ie Bean) drive to Durham - we get drunk with 2 brother watching Star Wars on video.
More drinking with poker - Bean wins all the money after 10 hands. He does weird poker voodoo.
We watch Die Hard and turn every happening into something Christmassy - thus we drink.
The nephews arrive with their illnesses - we avoid illness.
People go to midnight mass - I am a little tipsy and write long emails to people I care about - reading them back a few days later reminds me that I should not drink and type. Oh I agree with the sentiment but oh gosh some of the emails were cripplingly embarrassing!  
It's Christmas - I cry a little because everyone is happy and I am mourning the loss of my happiness. Bean buys me lovely presents and I cry more because he is too nice.
Boxing Day brings illness to the Bean household.
Because of all the illness the lovely Bean has to drive his big brother, Grumpole, to the RAF base almost 5 hours away so he can go to Afghanistan tomorrow. 
Grumpole is now in Afghanistan - do we listen more to news from there or not?
We go to the outside - it is windy. This should serve as a reminder not to wear a cape when it is windy because said cape will fly over one's head and impede vision when trying to get into a car and thus you will bang your head and think you have given yourself a extradural haematoma. 
I get back to the Bean home and start shivering - this is a bad sign.
I get into bed and do not leave for 2 days.
On day 9, we travel home and get back into another bed.
On day 10, today, I should have been going to an exciting place with Bean and lovely people but I can barely hold my head up without support so I will miss the fun times. (Will you have fun times for me?)

Yet there is hope. Life hurts right now but there is a little light at the end of the tunnel. I have my new mantra.

Whilst watching the video doesn't make me giggle insanely like it used to - thinking about the video really does. Indeed even whilst in my confused stupor on my travels yesterday the rain and cars made me think of said bus and giggle muchly.

What I think I'm trying to say (albeit in a confused and verbose way) is that I need to be more forceful next year. I need to strive for more. I will be happier and more fulfilled. There will be a new website which you will love and tell everyone you know about and there will be joy.

In other words, I, anna and the ring, resolve to,

"Be The Bus"

So until next year - and there may a little wait until there are new posts (but there are many awesome posts in the past) - take care of yourselves and each other. I miss you rather too much but I will be back soon with many words and hope.

Next year will be better.

All my love, because you make me want to love,
Anna x

Friday, 23 December 2011

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Now we may be quite secular here on anna and the ring and I may be almost an atheist (assuming one can be almost an atheist) but I do like to wish delightful people like yourselves a Merry Christmas. I hope you get to spend a few days with the people you truly love. I certainly am!

I am looking forward to sporting this face when I open something as magical from Bean. (Although looking at the present shaped parcels it doesn't look like I'm getting another globe).

also as we have now traveled to the North Lands - I have scarves and mittens and many thick socks. There may be some amount of drinking, Star Wars and poker with my lovely brothers. I love my family.

and perhaps a little snow?

What are you doing over the next couple of weeks?

I cannot wait for my little moving house trauma to be over so I can unveil the joy that is coming so very very soon!! Eeekables!

So one and all,

Happy Primary Gift-Giving Period - enjoy your Bank Holidays!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

It's me on Rock My Wedding (sort of)

When the lovely Andri asked me to help her on a photoshoot I didn't really know what to expect.  I've been part of them before but not really as crew.

So here are the lovely images. Refreshing to be part of a modern take of a wedding. I wouldn't say it was a new take but I know the style is something people are crying out for because there is such a dearth of modern inspiration out there right now. You can't all be shabby chic fans - I've been to your homes (not in the scary way) and have seen you don't all have typewriters or mismatching china (not a criticism if you want to have mismatched china and typewriters but do think about this post too!)

Well you know how much I love carnations. Oh the joy that I got to take a couple of those carnation monsters home. Thank you fabulous Wild-About Flowers. They lasted for weeks!

Monday, 12 December 2011

30 rocks? Are you free to have some fun?

Oh the perils of a birthday near Valentines Day and now important wedding weekends.

Years of no fun on my birthday because Bean was far away and everyone else was all loved up and snuggled with their significant other. Yikes - I am good at the woe is me!

So I am turning 30* in the very near future. Hello February and I have to admit (although I guess it is probably quite obvious) that I am not really one to celebrate my birthday.

However - woe is more is no more!

So I've decided to relish in the community I have here on anna and the ring and allow myself some fun on my birthday - do you think you might come and join me?

Me in a slightly sparkly dress at the Ring Bash.
(Oh look who be there in the background!!)

So are you free on 11th February for a little fun in London too celebrate my 30th (eek) birthday?

There will hopefully be a little (umm huge!) announcement from me on the night!

How I miss writing and being here. Things are changing and I cannot wait to show you!

I know for some of you London is far away but come on it's for me, and you know, well you do say far too often, I'm lovely!

*Yikes - time has marched on and my little list seems longer than ever. 

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

apw for the win.

Because the UK wedding community is not always the most supportive, in my humble opinion, (although you better watch this space because I totally want and need to change that - Oh roll on February!) I want to support THE worldwide wedding community by supporting Meg from A Practical Wedding and the release of her new book A Practical Wedding.

Today is the amazon (US link) launch of the book and whilst amazon (UK link) may not be the most independent of independent of bookshops we can try and make this book a best seller.

So who's with me?

Meg and now her amazing team have done so much for the wedding community. We need to celebrate that.

Make me smile, and Meg dance by buying her book today.

I've just bought mine and am deciding whether to buy a few more copies for engaged friends far and wide.

Seriously, she is one inspirational lady and to be honest I wouldn't be here talking to you without her.

So go buy, so I can convince her she needs to do a UK book tour!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Whilst I'm away - just a Dashing visit!

I may be away for a bit but that doesn't mean you have to go without!

The lovely ladies at Dashing - a fabulous new lifestyle magazine (how refreshing to read a publication with perfect taste and style) - have kindly asked me to write a little piece for them about, drumroll please, weddings! Shocking! Hopefully if you all say you love it they will invite me back for a monthly column so remember to leave me good feedback!

This may be a little more upbeat that you are used to reading from me but I guess the last page of a cool new magazine should be thoughtful and upbeat!

Here's the link to Dashing - would love to hear what you think!

How exciting!



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