Thursday, 31 March 2011

anna wants to go a wandering

A couple of days ago I found out a secret. One very exciting secret. A secret I am too afraid to divulge lest the secret be found out. The interwebs are a very incestuous place. Well you knew that.

What I can say is that this secret was mind blowingly awesome. A crazy amazing life changing decision. One that I am in awe of. Oh the secret is indeed in the realms of "shock and awe.*"

Yet, why am I blathering on about this? Why am I running the risk of my blabbermouth ruining this confidence. Well I have a certain amount of wanderlust. I'm not working (although I am looking to work - I fear my past/present is a certain barrier**) and I am due a certain amount of money (bloody editorial review boards) for work I completed in July 2009. Indeed this money could be put to other good uses however life is short and I have an idea for a potentially rather life altering experience. I have only traveled to the fair shores of America once before (save a LAX transit) and well that is just not enough for a girl who loves so many of its wonderful citizens and wares.

This is where you, delightful readers, although I would rather call you friends, come in. I seriously would love to spend some time across the Pond. After tweeting with a few of you it became apparent*** I could maybe find a sofa or a floor in many wonderful places across the US. Across the great of the US of A with you? Is this idea even viable? I have no idea? 

1. Flights (both national and international) are currently rather pricey
2. Can I sit on a bus for hour upon hour?
3. Most importantly have I ingratiated myself into sufficient hearts to sofa surf for a month or two? 

What would you do? Would you go for it? Bean says go for it.****

Would you be able to offer me a floor and maybe guide me to the excitement in your town, city or hamlet? Would you like to join me as I try and traverse a good number of the contiguous states? I fear Greyhounds do not make it as far as Alaska or Hawaii.

Oh perhaps I should sell myself. I am a rather lovely and potentially rather lively young lady who would bring a fabulous hat and a certain British joie de vivre. Crumbs, I'm not very good at selling myself, am I? 

Could you be my guide or shelter?***** Or more accurately please could you be my guide or shelter?

Let me know here or through my email annaandtheringlondon {at} Are you able to make a very lovely girl's dream come true?

Very much love in advance. Oh and of course I would welcome you into my home any time in the future. Obviously (London is expensive).

via Crate DIY - love!

*Oh but not in the way that this said person is going to start bombing places.
**Rejection is a bitch.
***Because you are lovely and kind and incredibly generous.
****Although this may be because he thinks this idea will not get off these little pages.
*****That does sound like a hymn.

take one dress and become a ballerina?

It would appear I can't help myself. I see a fabulous dress and want to share it with you. Just how incredible is this dress! For those who want to be a ballerina on their wedding day. You only have to look at this picture to see how it moves.

For that sexy edge I would totally pair it with the killer Kiss Louboutin flats. If I could afford them they would be mine! Perfect for those far too persistant  dull relatives or those friends you didn't really want to invite. 

"Oh gosh sorry, didn't I hurt you did I, gosh, so sorry. Let me run away whilst you can still walk. Gosh, I'm so clumsy."
The perfect crime slash exit! Although if you fancy a little more height look no further than these pretty lace numbers.

Of course you have to all out with the make-up to compliment to fabulousness of the dress. You simply cannot have the dress outdo you! And finally with striking but simple jewellery the outfit is complete.

Will one lady make my ballerina dreams come true?

say hello to my friendface?*

Oh did you know I had a facebook page?

Funnily enough it is - Who'd have thunk it?

Come check me out and perhaps give me a little like action?

I'll be very nice!

*Are you geeky enough to get the reference? Come to facebook and find out!

the any campaign.

How have I not written about this before? It is something I feel incredibly passionate about.

If you haven't heard of this before, welcome to the Any Campaign. Masterminded by the wonderful Tino and Pip!

If you don't know already whilst we are free to marry almost anyone in the England and Wales we are not free to marry anywhere. Whilst England and Wales* is relatively forward thinking in its views towards gay marriage it is incredibly strict in relation to when and where.

The wretched law states (and has stated since 1837) that one must be married under a roof with moored foundations and this must take place between the hours of 8am and 6pm. Yes, I understand that back in 1837 there was a risk of not knowing who you were about to marry for the electric light was yet to be invented but do these laws really still apply to 2011 (or even 1911?).

I'll be the first to admit I was hardly a wedding dreamer as a child but if my thoughts ever turned to a wedding I did want to be the girl to marry in a field of wild flowers. (although I would take a dappled wood carpeted with bluebells**). I have dreams of drift planting fields when I grow old and pretend to be Miss Marple. Oh and to be by the sea at sunrise or sunset would have been a bonus. I most definitely did not dream of a soulless room with a faceless registrar.*** 

Why must this archaic rule be perpetuated. It would seem the only reason to not change the law is parliamentary red tape and stubbornness? There were plans afoot to change things but they seem to have ground to a halt. Why is so hard to understand I would have loved one of my closest friends or even my sister to have married us. To know, to trust, to love the person that is performing such a glorious rite would be beyond comparison. I know my sister would have crafted the most beautiful words into wondrous prose. Yes we could have married across the border (a mere 30 miles away) but I fear my mother would have disowned me. How I wish I could have convinced her. It was hard enough to convince her Northumberland was viable. 

Yet it still saddens me that I could not get married in my parent's back garden or in the middle of sand dunes in Northumberland (if you ever make it up to Bamburgh you must frolic in the dunes, beautiful!) Can you imagine how incredible it would have been to be married outside in the snow? A feeling I would have never forgotten. 

So I ask you, nay urge you to sign this petition. I cannot believe it has not made it too 1000 signatures already. I signed it so very long ago and I am truly shocked that that so few people have signed up. Please. If not for yourself, for all those beautiful and meaningful weddings that could be.

How I wish I could have married with my cats (well they are really my brother and sister) at my side**** surrounded with trinkets of my childhood in the tiny woodland in which careered through as a child.*****

Come on, make my day sign the petition xxx

P.S. If it manages to get to 1000***** signatures I will show you something incredibly exciting. I promise.  (Well more than just show you, it's hard to explain!)

*Scotland is lucky for it is the person who is licensed to marry and can do so almost anywhere whereas in England and Wales crazily the room also needs to be licensed.
**Love bluebells - are you on bluebell watch?
***We got very lucky with ours.
****Or at least in the house somewhere - they would most likely be hiding with food!
*****It would appear I need more than 2 weddings!
******1000 are needed before it can be presented to government.*******
*******Sorry for the numerous asterisks!

take three dresses

Here we have a slightly different take one dress segment. Here we have an almost harried bride worried about her girls. Oh how I understand about the troubles beautiful ladies and a world of dresses can cause! Our lovely bride wanted everything from shoes to shawls save the dresses.

Just look at those deep delicious jewel colours she has chosen for the dresses. So on trend for 2012!

So to her pretty maids, 
Purple lady 
A redhead with blue eyes and a penchant for all things sparkly.
Pink lady 
Raven haired with blues eyes with a deep love of the kitch and vintage.
Garnet lady
A brunette with green eyes with simple tastes. 

I love they they are "allowed" to look different from each other. Yay a fabulous bride! I wanted to embrace their own personalities, add a little more than the usual bridesmaid look but still keep a nuptial note. I would have loved my girls to be so vibrant.

Sorry there had to be tights again! Well the wedding is in January and in Ireland so weather wise things are a little scary. (Says she who got married in snow!) I love opaques with open toe shoes and I particularly love Bebaroque's tights and they are really fabulous in person. I may have a couple of pairs myself. I just think the details which they add to tights are clever, delicate and oh so girlie. Oh and you can totally wear them both ways with a bow or other detail on the front of your foot or at the back of ankle. Wonderful. (Also totally believe that hype that one size fits almost all. As you know I am not exactly a size 0 and they fit even me really well!)

Oh yes, and whilst I couldn't bring myself to add pashminas to the board (they do scare me so) they would be perfect for any outside moment. Luckily they can be cast aside as soon as dancing (or preferably photographs) begins!

Tell me what you think. How would you dress them differently?

Don't forget if you have own style problem let me know. I am more than willing to go super avant garde for you. Are you the bride I can make happy? Or you the harried housewife who wants a wardrobe update? Or even you have a bed and want a new bedroom style? (Oh yes, I think it's time to branch out - I'm not all about weddings!) Let me know annaandtheringlondon {at}

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

take one dress and add a clog?

So recently a girl, sorry lady, named Cloggins, you may have heard of her exciting new scheme, asked me to solve a little quandary for her.

Now Mrs C is to attend the evening part of a wedding in a few weeks time. She has the dress but wanted to accessorise it up a little.  She already has fabulous pins, so I'm thinking she might rock the dress with bare legs but just in case I added a pair of cute cute tights. (You know I'm all about tights right now - well and for some time!) So the diamond ring and the clutch were added as a little folly. Yet I most definitely have a similar ring (proabably from asos) and the clutch has been replicated again and again.

Also I know that nude shoes are a little "over" but I still love them and they make legs look delicious!

Oh and the cuteness of the Bando!

What do you think?

I just couldn't resist those tights. I am sure they would not be suitable for the wedding she described but I know she could totally rock the look and be the hottest girl in the room!

Don't forget I love a challenge. Drop me an email to annaandtheringlondon {at} Totally want to hear from you!

a winter's moon

I have had this little set in my draft pile for a while now! However I am trying to throw myself into blogging. Have you noticed the slight increase in my posts?
Are you enjoying the increased coverage?

I promise to write about the wedding soon - if you still want to hear about it? 
Answers on a postcard or in a comment?!

Anyway, back to A Winter's Moon.

I just love the colours and the sweet innocence of the drawings.

Yet why am I talking about these?

Well, I think they would be perfect as table numbers.

What I love even more is the idea of mirroring the jigsaw element and using the number of fruits or animals as escort cards.* 

Perfect for primary school teachers?

Do you like?

*Thank you twitter I promise I should be a wedding blogger!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

take one pair of leather trousers

I've fallen head over heels for these trousers. I love their colour and simplicity.

God bless you asos! They are the perfect dress up, dress down pair! As much as I am into the colour blocking dress at the moment I still do adore something as chic as these. Can leather trousers be called chic? Oh gosh I fear the lust may be taking over!

Oh those flats are really calling me, what a steal! I also need those cone heels. I really do not have hot black heels - well ones in which I can walk. (The others are most definitely taxi shoes).

And of course if anyone from Mulberry fancies sending me of their delicate rose gold babies I would look after it so!

What have you fallen in lust with lately?

(Also could someone stop me looking at asos?!)

i like you, you look amazing

Love the grey gorgeousness.

I would very much like to wake up to these pillows in the morning.

Via the wonderful Karin Akesson.

take one dress for a tattybojangle

So the delightful Tattybojangles has enlisted me with a take one dress brief!

Say hello to a cute anthro dress which may or may not be worn to a certain rather exciting party in April!

She fancied a pair of sage green shoes to go with her dress. Who knew that sage green was such a difficult colour to source! Twas rather tempting to change the colours completely. Yet when I am set a challenge I do try to prevail!

Also I've mixed it up a little and added a savvy vs spree angle. The choices on the right are a "little" more ostentatious! (Yes, I accidentally found some rather expensive items on my travels!) Oh spree. You are so wonderful. I know, I know but those Tabitha Simmons wedge pumps are exquisite. Such a wonderful day to night transitional pair.

However on the savvy side I think those Kurt Geiger flats are rather sweet and the little Office booties work really well. Also as much as I am lusting after opaque tights currently I would love to see this look with bare legs. I would totally wear the Topshop lariat necklace as a bracelet and would top the look off with a sweet ballerina-esque bun!

So what do you think? 

Also don't forget if you have a little style challenge for me just drop me a email with your brief to annaandtheringlondon {at} I am ready and a waiting for you! Be it wedding dresses, hen party ideas, mothers or just what can I wear from my wardrobe I really need to leave the house already. I am here to help!

a moment for your mamma?

Oh me oh my it is almost that time of year where we must show our love to our mothers.

Now if funds were unlimited. Say if we had just won £117 million on the lottery! What would I buy? (My mother takes Mother's Day very seriously. Perhaps because her mother, my Mamgu, passed away so many years ago now? I miss my Mamgu.)

Well I would buy the house so they could move to France but perhaps something a little more personal?

How about a fabulous hamper. I know my mother would enjoy this! Indeed I know I would enjoy it far more!

Or if you are feeling a little more adventurous, how about creating your own hamper. Tis a little anna and Bean tradition to make hampers for my family. I love that you can add the most potent of cheese to the most delicate biscuit. Indeed the only limit is your purse! There are some simply wonderful nibbles out there to be had.*

Starting with a gorgeous basket from Florence and Florence

Indeed I may have bought a rather similar basket for my mother. Perfect for her future strolls to the boulangerie. 

I am hoping to fill it with many many treats. From delicious delicate violet jam. (Her favourite - well it should be!)

Including some deliciously passe cupcakes, well if I can find the time on Sunday morning for there is the exciting catholic WASP's wedding to attend on Saturday. Perhaps topped with edible flowers for a little bedazzle! 

And for the piece de resistance, a roast made with Welsh Wagyu Beef - the non-Japanese equivalent of Kobe Beef. I simply cannot wait to cook with it on Sunday. Well actually it may be Bean, he is the consummate chef. I may be relegated to sous-ness!

Doesn't the cow just look delicious! The shiny coat must be due to all the beer!

Oh and if there are enough pennies left.

These wonderful flowers. How I heart Jane Packer flowers they are always delicious.

Oh and as an aside, definitely not for my mother but I do think it is rather sweet. Hint hint Bean, remember for the future.*

I know it is only Mother's Day in the UK next weekend but would your mother enjoy any of my offerings?

*Ooo would you be interested in a hamper special? Bean knows all the best places!
**Well the hint is rather too subtle I fear, I don't think he reads the blog anymore! Although if you do fancy buying me something my darling there are far more pressing pretties!

Monday, 28 March 2011

a wondering

Now lovely wise sages. I solicit your honest opinion. I know I am not a great writer (or even a writer at all rather a combiner of words) yet I am curious to hear your honest thoughts about this sliver of prose.

I would be happy to solicit your advice via email too annaandtheringlondon {at}

My perfect beach.

It is not the warmth of the sand nor the intensity of blue water which ignites the memory of my perfect beach. It is the memory of the moments I shared on the beach on the tiny island of Nukulaelae.

I spent 5 days at (a seriously unhappy) sea to finally sample the fine delights of this tiny place. Yet risking life and limb to clamber from the ship to the landing boat and the hour's journey navigating the precious yet deadly reefs to land was only the beginning.

My reason to visit the outlying islands was to work as the doctor from the mainland for a day. Yet the wonderful nurses had already done my job and I had the whole day to explore. Obviously I made my way to the beach (a long 2 minute walk - such is the joy of a tiny atoll) and dipped my feet into the warm (albeit apparently shark infested) lagoon.

As I lay on the beach enjoying the solitude it became apparent I was not on my own for the the occasional giggle rang out. The master of disguise hid from me for almost an hour before she deigned to make her presence known through the power of posing. It would seem that America's Next Top Model's influence has no bounds.

So as I began to feel like David Bailey with my muse, she took me by the hand and led me down the beach. Down the beach to the point where the sand turned bright white and water became incredibly blue. Incredibly beautiful. Beyond the tropical paradise that one pictures in one's dreams. The delicate bowing of a coconut tree complete with the shade of a pandanus tree heavily laden. The sweet smell of salt on my skin combined the perfume of frangipani blooms. A olfactory memory with no equal.

She then left. Almost as if she had never been there. Alone with my own strip of perfection. I never wanted to leave.

So to the curious albeit shy girl with no name. Thank you for showing me to my island paradise and a memory never to be forgotten.

the tight spot

Just look at those legs! What could be more fabulously Springish!

I do love my tights. I certainly do not have the greatest legs but I do love to rock a pair of coloured tights.

Embrace the colour blocking, ladies, embrace it!

another favour?

Hello lovers,

A very happy Monday to you all and a request for before the drudgery begins.

Do you know me on facebook? I know only a few of you do. I do try and maintain the anonymity!

Now there is a little competition that a certain company are running.

Also I know I am certainly no photographer but I do try! It was a triumph against adversity!

I would really love a holiday. It's been a while.

There is no way I am going to win but I would love to be in with a chance!

If you could just pop onto my facebook page and like the photograph at the top of the page. I am looking rather lonely! Feel friends to tell you friends I am rather trying!

Many many kisses.

really rather confused.

1. £885
2. One earring*
3. Adore

*No. Not on anna.


Friday, 25 March 2011

do "euan" need a cat?*

Gosh just look at this gorgeous boy, Euan. 

Just look at his 'tache.

Do you have a quiet home for a cat who loves tickles? If we could take another cat he would be ours.

*The punster strikes again!

anyone for Pimm's

oh yes, that would be me!

Pimm's ahh perhaps my most favourite summer drink. In my humble opinion the perfect way to start a wonderful evening. Indeed it is the best thing to come from Kent!

I'm not sure how ubiquitous this delicious concoction is away from Britannia so let me explain!

As a drink it is hard to describe. Indeed I have sat facing my screen for some time now and still not thought of an adequate description. There are orange notes and a slight cord of Christmas - many intermingled spices working in harmony. My oldest friends know of my zeal for the drink. The delicate tea coloured drink (when mixed correctly!) is a triumph of British inventiveness! Indeed I might even go out as far to say I am "known" for my concoctions. (A word of warning for those new to the tipple. It slides down awfully well and one can find themselves rather tispy, rather quickly!)

Traditionalists would stop at cucumber, mint and strawberry but I do love to add the juiciest nibbles of ripe peaches and a "few" slices of a sharp green apple. I think it works dreamily well with the secret herbs and spices! Oh and in case lemonade is a bit too sweet, how about ginger ale (my favourite!). Oh and you should also try the No. 6 cup which has a vodka based (as opposed to the usual gin). Seriously yummers!

What is all this alcoholic talk about you may ask?

I have been invited to the Pimm's Summer Party which is rather thrilling and happening tomorrow night! I am unsure of the wisdom of a garden party in March but a chance to start my yearly intake of Pimm's early is a chance I am not going to miss. 

Yet it is not all alcohol and no wedding talk! The party is being held at one of my favourite London venues, the Museum of Garden History or as it is now called, The Garden Museum. Bean and I shall be dressed in our most dapper summer attire and hoping the rain stays away!

Are we going to bump into you? What are you up to this weekend?

P.S. Little bit excited about one of the celebrities attending too! Oh the shame of my S Club 7 love!

fantabulous etsy friday

It's been a while since I trawled the pages of etsy to find the pretties for you but when I saw this I had to show you.

How freakin' amazing! Incredibly clever. LOVE IT!

I would like to think it were totally diy-able (if I were so inclined!) as I certainly do not have £2500 to drop on a ceiling light.

But just think of the fabulous possibilities! My brain is reeling with excitement!

a little new sideline

Fingers in many pies and all that...

I am now a Bridal Events Writer for the excitingly new Brew Drinking Thinkings. It's just been launched and I really rather honoured to be part of it all.

Check me out!

My humble words should be up on the website next week. Wish me luck! 

My new extra twitter name is @BDT_Weddings if you fancy another follow?

Thursday, 24 March 2011

take one dress and add a sprinkling of anna

So many of my ideas come from, well I don't really know where. So I hope (think) this is a good one. I love "creating" something from basically nothing. To start with one piece and build a whole theme around it.

So take this dress from the humble Monsoon for a relatively wonderful £170. I think it exudes Hollywood 40s glamour. Sitting here with my nails painted with red half moons I am really lusting after the 40s vibe.  

I've not seen the dress in the flesh but I love the colour and the detail on the shoulder. Add a fabulous cape and champagne you are set to stun!

What do you think? 

I love this board. Well save the smoking but I am prepared to overlook that for that hair and those lips!

So if you have a dress, a pair of shoes or even a a mere inkling of what you desire but have no idea where to start developing yours ideas drop me a line at 

30 rock(s) - hopefully

Twas only a year ago when I first met a certain lovely lady for the first time. I simply cannot believe it has been only 12 months! I hope there are many more years of friendship in our future.

Now I know it is slightly uncouth to mention a lady's age. Yet, she has announced on twitter it is her 30th birthday today so I hope she doesn't mind me mentioning it on here!

Here's to you and the wonderful London Bride*. Thank you for everything. You are simply wondrous.

Happy Birthday beautiful.
 via the wonderful Tarah Coonan, complete with a sliver of my wedding dress!

P.S. I am rubbish and forgot to post your present. It's coming, I promise!

*You must check our her blog - the lady has style!

want to make me crazy angry? Just show me something like this!

Seething anger. 

1. Mr. Right - really? Still? We think this is ok? There really isn't a Mr Right. Gah.
2. And far more upsettingly Mrs. Always Right - I despise the perpetuation of the idea that men are the lesser species. I think to be a feminist* you have to allow (and want) men and women to be treated equally. I agree that women are nowhere near where they need to be in terms of equality. Yet you do not make people equal by dragging those ahead down. Furthermore this myth that men should be subservient only reinforces their behaviour and gives them licence to fall into the completely incorrect stereotype.

Please, people. Think.

And look away anna. Oh the shaking fingers. Rome wasn't built in a day, not in a day. And breathe.

* I want to be a feminist I really do. It just never came up? Both my grandmother's worked, my mother works and that was their choice. I've grown up with choice and am incredibly lucky because of it.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

what's black and yellow and listens to the Pope?

A Catholic WASP?

I am to attend a fabulous London wedding in a few week's time.

A high WASP's wedding at a Catholic church which then stretches into a seriously black tie event in the evening.

Yes I know a Catholic WASP is a slight(!) oxymoron but this lovely young American lady is a definite WASP and for some reason (unbeknownst to me) her father wishes for her to be married in a Catholic church. (Ours is not to reason why!). 

So what is a girl to do? Here are the specifications!

- an April wedding in London - rain, sleet, sunshine, hail? Who knows?
- a really rather posh Catholic ceremony - the church is scary high Catholic!
- a really rather posh city reception venue - rooms start from around £300 per night (we shall not be staying overnight!)
- a wedding where I will know no-one but Bean and the couple (Bean's friends) and so I could either go really over the top or enjoy my wallflowerness.
- oh and I may have red hair!*

Bean will have to change too - there is no way he will be wearing black tie to church. So we may be making a quick stop at his office to change!

For me these restrictions scream black! Luckily I have no problem wearing black to a wedding. (I am almost sure the bride will be the same!) So here is my dream selection! There really are sometimes, even for a colour lover such as myself, where black is just fabulous. I do particularly love the besequinned offering by Marlene Birger. As for the shoes. I think you should know by now that I could definitely find a home for all of those badboys. 
What would you do? Do you like? I would say these would work for both the church and the black tie aspect. (Well with a little tweaking as one goes from day to night.)

I will inevitably end up wearing something I already have (oh wretched eminently unemployability) but it is always nice to swoon. Oh I did just uncover a seriously besequinned floor length dress which I wore a few years ago to Bean's college masquerade ball. Hmm - too white tie? Probably!

*I promise to stop talking about my hair soon.

gosh, how shellfish*

*my bad

I knew there was a reason I could never be Queen.

According to Yahoo! (ha my apologies, don't send traffic to them!) Indeed I shall also now use the excitingly tenuous word apparently! British royals are never served crustacea for fear of poisoning. Although what's a little hepatitis A between friends?

I am sure I have seen cookery programmes in the past deal with the whole shellfish intricacies.

A life without prawns would be a life without meaning. (Sorry Bean but if you do somehow become Royalty via a King Ralph style mishap at the Royal wedding we may have to get divorced!)

luella lotta love

So last night was incredibly entertaining and pretty and in aid of the Eve Appeal. many thanks to the wonderful Luella's Boudoir and One Marylebone. I expected nothing less. Last year's fair was wonderful and this years was just a step up. They really went all out. From the fabulously chosen exhibitors to the fabulous models!

I must say I am usually underwhelmed by wedding fairs but Luella's has style. Oh so much style. It is just so refreshing to meet suppliers who actually want to be part of your day. For me enthusiasm is just as important as style.

So a whistlestop journey through the amazing lovelies!

Emily Quinton (and Max)
So wonderful to meet a photographer who lives photography. Her images evoke love and just moments of sighing and swooning. 

I adore every image from this wedding. Just spectacular.

Catherine Mead
I love the the emotions she captures with her camera. So incredibly talented.

I just adore the feel of this photograph by Catherine Mead

Amazingly delicious cocktails from the U'Luvka - a wonderful high end Polish vodka. I heartily recommend The Sun and Moon - pineapple perfection! Incredibly refreshing and naughtily moreish. You have been warned!

Never before has the phrase "see me, touch me, want me" been more apt. So incredibly tactile and sophisticated. They have their own laser cutter on site so the only limit is your imagination (and I imagine the physical possibility of your ideas!)

From the wonderful Amma (did you see how beautiful she was (is!) at the Luella's Boudoir Blogger Shoot). Her work is so modern but with a delicious whimsical twist. Such a talented young lady. (No green eyes here!)

and perhaps my favourite new brand dear so and so. Alex just got married herself. She hand draws all these amazing designs. I must admit that poor Alex had to put up with me for far too long last night! Also the other half of dear so and so is Charlotte, the cross stitch fiend! Such sweet creations!

Just look at the wonderfulness! I really do not have the words. They are just perfection!

Of course I must mention the seriously gorgeous Kat of RocknRoll Bride who looked amazing modelling some of the prettiest dresses!

 via the simply wonderful Elbie van Eeden (my catwalk "frow" pal and my most favourite make-up artist in the world!)

And to some other lovelies who weren't exhibiting but twas lovely to meet and see!
London Bride - with her amazing eyelashes!
Tarah Coonan - a seriously talented photographer - she knows how to work the light!
Alison of Pollen Nation - such an incredibly talented florist. You must look at her work. Astonishingly gorgeous.
Lucinda George - a lovely lovely wedding planner who has recently been up to exciting things with London Bride and Pollen Nation!

and of course my prize winners the beautiful Charlotte and her gorgeous sister Victoria. I hope you had fun!
Trust me, if you couldn't make it, you really did miss out! Let's hope there will be another time!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

in the red

Now you may have seen me bleating on twitter that I quite fancy a change of hair colour.

Curse my layout for making this board too small but do embiggen the collage for there is much prettiness.

 for sources please check out my Pinterest board

So what do you think? Do you think I could cope with the redness!

I particularly love the bottom left colour. Not too dark but still with a pop!

I really do fancy a change. Which is your favourite? (Please forgive the smattering of awful "celebs" but I do love their hair!)

Here's my hair (and relative pasty skin) as it stands.

A rather blah brown which needs a little excitement!
via the wonderful Lucy Stendall

So what do you think I should do? Things may be afoot for excitement on Friday!

Monday, 21 March 2011

would someone wear this...for me?

Beautiful ladies, today is mostly about the excitement of the Luella's Boudoir Wedding Fair. However I just spied this bad boy on the Outnet.

Are you the lady to which it belongs?

Perfect for that relaxed beach vibe even without the beach. Love the asymmetrical detailing (obviously!)

And you know you would be totally able to wear it again and again.

Go on, you know you want to!

What do you think? Or have I completely missed the mark?

(Right must go get ready for the fun, my hair is still seriously backcombed due a certain wonderful someone's exciting secret wedding! More on that on Wednesday!)

Saturday, 19 March 2011

and the winner is....

Oh darling ladies!

I cannot believe how many lovelies have emailed me to be in with a chance to win tickets to the wonderful Luella Boudoir Wedding Fair.

I am seriously impressed by your ingenuity!

I wish I could bring you all along. But alas there can only be one winner (who I had to pick at random because it was far too difficult to choose!).

Sooo the lucky winner of 2 tickets is.......

Charlotte F! (You have mail!)

So excited to meet you. I'll be the girl in the pink tights! (Well I think so, I was planning my outfit yesterday and hope I have the guts to still wear it on Monday - I'm usually more a jeans gal!)

I'm sorry that I can't bring you all, but if there are tickets still available please do come and say hi! (Pink tights, oh yes!)

Friday, 18 March 2011

for japan, with love

I cannot comprehend the pain that the people of Japan (and others) are suffering right now. So with all my heart I want to show my support for those affected. I am so glad my friends and their families are safe. However there are so many more who are not.

So I honour the Bloggers' Day of Silence an amazing idea created by Ever Ours and Utterly Engaged.

Donate if you can. Whether it be with money or time.

(I fully support Japan at this time. It is truly a desperate time and there are so many in need. However, and not to get too preachy, please remember there are other causes closer to home and much further away that need your support too.) 

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Are you free next Monday evening? I have a prize!

Brides of London (and those a little further away) would you like to join me and far more wonderful people for an evening of decadence and bridal inspiration?

I know it is late in the day but I have a pair of tickets for one lucky lady (or gentleman) and friend to attend the fabulous Luella Wedding fair on the evening of 21st March at the most wonderful One Marylebone.

I attended the event last year, here is my little report, and loved it. I loved meeting the faces behind the amazing names and I am sure that this year will be no different. I definitely loved being inspired by the wonderful people. It is rather refreshing to find a collection of such clever, enthusiastic and fabulous names all under one roof.

So if would you like to join me for a cocktail and a little gossip just drop me an email to annaandtheringlondon{at} and I will announce the winner on Friday evening. Good luck lovelies.

If you do miss out there are still tickets available for both the Sunday afternoon and Monday night just contact Luella's at or call 020 8879 7744.

Friday, 11 March 2011

the wedding redux

No matter my current predicament (jobless and technically homeless - save for my generous parents) I am incredibly lucky.

I am even more lucky that I got to have a second wedding party (ah yes, you know I did get married recently...are you still interested in recaps?)

Anyway, I got to wear my dress, I got to invite all those I would have invited if there had been money and I got to feel like a real bride. November feels so surreal still. This time round I began to understand what it feels like to only speak to people for 2 minutes and then be pulled away. If I had had a moment to think I would have been so upset that I spent so little time with people who had come from hundreds of miles away. I am so inviting you back for more food and hugs and giggles! Please accept. I will bake. If that's ok?

(Also, please don't judge, thank you cards are coming I promise, please may I blame the move for losing said cards and my mind).

So in no particular order (well actually alphabetically!) here are my favourites. I am so excited to show you all these pictures. They made me smile when things have no been so great. I really hope you like them. I really really do!

Lisa aka @lisajanephoto

I imagine Lisa has a few other things on her mind right now for she is to marry her young man in the next few weeks. I could not be more excited for her (oh and her amazog dress!).

I love this photograph - who knew you could do the kissing on one leg thingy in wellies and make it look cute!!

The sun was fading, the picture was perfect.

Click the picture for more pretties!

Lucy (naughtily not on twitter yet!)

Lucy, the wonderful Lucy, who traveled from afar to offer her beautiful eyes. (They are both beautiful and wise!)

We totally forgot to get out rings photographed together before. I love that I will now cherish this picture of them perched atop my garden gate.

I mean what's not to like, check out my boy!

Click the picture for more pretties!

Tarah aka @tarahcoonan
Oh Tarah, wonderful Tarah. Girl knows how to work the light! That is all!

Oh my poor male Ted. He did not like that. The earrings are fabulous though.

The sun makes the feathers move. I do love snuggling into Bean.

Click the picture for more pretties!

So what can I say?!

Obviously I am beyond grateful for these images that I will cherish forever. Ladies, your fears are beyond incomprehensible to to me. Your work speaks for itself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Next week I will write a post for each photographer becausem well, I am beyond in love with each of them and owe them so much more than a swift gallop through their work!

I think they be writing a little post about the party too so I will link to it as soon as I can.

So go on, wax lyrical about these most talented gals!!! Potential clients please look beyond their subjects (we are not the most beautiful) the emotions they captured truly are.


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