Thursday, 1 December 2011

Whilst I'm away - just a Dashing visit!

I may be away for a bit but that doesn't mean you have to go without!

The lovely ladies at Dashing - a fabulous new lifestyle magazine (how refreshing to read a publication with perfect taste and style) - have kindly asked me to write a little piece for them about, drumroll please, weddings! Shocking! Hopefully if you all say you love it they will invite me back for a monthly column so remember to leave me good feedback!

This may be a little more upbeat that you are used to reading from me but I guess the last page of a cool new magazine should be thoughtful and upbeat!

Here's the link to Dashing - would love to hear what you think!

How exciting!



  1. Smashing piece of writing Anna. Very well said, i hope you do more writing for them I'll DEF be reading again. You have a very sound voice in the midst of the wedding crazy. Its hard to keep perspective when one is planning a wedding - you really help.

  2. I'm late in getting to this, but well done. We didn't get into too many 'details' at our wedding as it was an international logisitical nightmare of epic proportions, but we did manage to throw a few paper globes here and there which took the wedding from family garden party to our wedding.
    Well done, again.

    ArielGraphy xxx

  3. I agree with your piece and really like it - is it a regular column as that would be very cool!


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