Wednesday, 7 December 2011

apw for the win.

Because the UK wedding community is not always the most supportive, in my humble opinion, (although you better watch this space because I totally want and need to change that - Oh roll on February!) I want to support THE worldwide wedding community by supporting Meg from A Practical Wedding and the release of her new book A Practical Wedding.

Today is the amazon (US link) launch of the book and whilst amazon (UK link) may not be the most independent of independent of bookshops we can try and make this book a best seller.

So who's with me?

Meg and now her amazing team have done so much for the wedding community. We need to celebrate that.

Make me smile, and Meg dance by buying her book today.

I've just bought mine and am deciding whether to buy a few more copies for engaged friends far and wide.

Seriously, she is one inspirational lady and to be honest I wouldn't be here talking to you without her.

So go buy, so I can convince her she needs to do a UK book tour!


  1. I got so excited about it I went straight to amazon to buy it to then realise you have to pre-order it :-( I so wanted it before Christmas!!! Can't wait to have my copy!

  2. Apparently they are likely to ship pre-Christmas so it should be okay.

    APW is brilliant and amazing and all that jazz :)

  3. Definitely going to order a copy for myself - thanks for the reminder Anna! ;) xXx


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