Monday, 12 December 2011

30 rocks? Are you free to have some fun?

Oh the perils of a birthday near Valentines Day and now important wedding weekends.

Years of no fun on my birthday because Bean was far away and everyone else was all loved up and snuggled with their significant other. Yikes - I am good at the woe is me!

So I am turning 30* in the very near future. Hello February and I have to admit (although I guess it is probably quite obvious) that I am not really one to celebrate my birthday.

However - woe is more is no more!

So I've decided to relish in the community I have here on anna and the ring and allow myself some fun on my birthday - do you think you might come and join me?

Me in a slightly sparkly dress at the Ring Bash.
(Oh look who be there in the background!!)

So are you free on 11th February for a little fun in London too celebrate my 30th (eek) birthday?

There will hopefully be a little (umm huge!) announcement from me on the night!

How I miss writing and being here. Things are changing and I cannot wait to show you!

I know for some of you London is far away but come on it's for me, and you know, well you do say far too often, I'm lovely!

*Yikes - time has marched on and my little list seems longer than ever. 


  1. Oh oh OH! Yes please - count me if possible :-)
    And also drinks/catch up before this too please (if possible!)

  2. Oh is that me I spy?

    Not sure if we will be able to come due to family stuff. Might be a bit last minute if we do come

  3. If i'm free i will be there! Had a fab time last time :) xx

  4. Can't wait to hear your announcement, what are you up to lovely ;) Hope I can make it, it's our first wedding anniversary on the 12th so might not be around though.. xx

  5. Great picture! Are there any more from that night? I'll move heaven and hell to try to be at your next shindig, but can't promise!

  6. I wish I could be there for your shindig! BUT I showed you some linky love on my new blog!

  7. Me Please! I'm in if you'll have me I loved the ring bash! I'd love to wish you a happy birthday x

  8. Love to come and celebrate with you. X

  9. I would love to join you Anna but the 11th is pretty much jam packed... I am getting married!! EEKS :) It is also my birthday then too! Hooray for February birthdays and hope you have an amazing time xxxx

  10. Oh Anna, you are so cute in your sparkles! I wish I could just hop on a plane and come for your birthday. I should start playing the lottery.

  11. whoop whoop whoop! Hope you're feeling slightly better today. x


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