Wednesday, 9 November 2011

wallpaper wednesday - beware the moon

Oh do I have some beauties for you today.

A darling friend (I hope I can call you that?) is after a fabulous wallpaper for her cloakroom.

Cue Anna getting rather over excited and dashing stright towards her favourite wallpaper maker. (Oh wretched third person). 

Oh yes ladies, Beware The MoonYou simply have to check out my final choice. Oh yes one day that will feature somewhere in my home. It is strangely hypnotic. Each of their wallpapers are available in a myriad of colourways and styles. These just happen to be my most favouritest!

Indeed their tag line seems to be,

"...taking over the world one downstairs loo at a time..."
Thus, I present Ostrich - the bold red and the deep gold. Perfect for a warming impact in a tiny room. I feel the ostrich is perfect for a loo! A majestic monster!

Quantum Foam - Imagine the possibilities with lighting! A 3D tactile fascination. Of course I would require a mirror ball too (where else does one put ones mirror ball?)

Or how about flocked Skulls upon their signature paper - a deliciously dark oil slick. The colours move and entice. I very much want to see this paper in person.

and my favourite the most fabulous delicately flocked slightly exotic images upon a nude base. "She."  Yes I like "She." The matte base to the paper combined with the tactile lady. Yes please. An exquisite addition to your life.

All pictures courtesy of Beware The Moon and fabulous British craftsmanship.

Yes they are exceptionally expensive but for one roll and a lifetime of joy?

Yes please!


  1. LOVE the ostrich wallpaper but I have to say that it just doesn't beat Timorous Beasties wallpaper. That's the dogs bollocks!

  2. Oh I'm loving the skulls!! If I had a downstairs loo, that's where I'd keep my mirrorball. My last mirrorball got mysteriously broken as I was threatening to hang it above the bed.

  3. These are fabulous, but what I'm really looking for is some book wallpaper. That is cheap. I can find lots of expensive book wallpaper, but I pretty much just need one strip. Can you find it for me?!

  4. Loving the Quantum Foam, totally want to re-decorate my studio now. I also have a mirror ball, situated in my garage (long story) but the poor thing is very neglected, about time it got a polish I think!

  5. This is my secret place where I buy wallpaper. Tell no one!! I bought this one recently....

    they also have

  6. I would really like all of them, I like wallpaper. It makes me want to come over all respectable, wear a monocle and a smoking jacket - kind of like a ghetto Noel Coward.

    I kind of like the skulls but maybe that's because I am a bit morbidly obsessed with my physical disintegration, momento mori and er... death.

  7. Sorry - finally catching up today. The skull wallpaper is definitely on my wish list, it is gorgeous.


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