Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Tuesday Shoesday

I've talked about the talent that is Nicholas Kirkwood before.

These are some seriously high heels.
Hello epic heels. A little confused but I am sure that they be epic!

These could be my most favourite heels of all time. I love the faux tortoiseshell toblerone shaped heel.

The flash of metallic pink on the purple suede. Swoon. Imagine seeing these walk down the aisle. Slightly like the hind legs of a rabbit when escaping from a predator.

How about the ones on the right as your something blue? Although I do slightly adore the nude with the rose gold accents. Yes please.
Although these pretty almost filigree pretties are slightly lower. I would adore to have these peeking out from under my dress.

So what do you think?

Kirkwood or Kirkwouldn't?


  1. Oh Mr Kirkwood, I die. The nude/gold have stolen my heart. Is it safe for you and I to meet when I have so little self-restraint and they'll be so tantalisingly nearby? Laura X

  2. Kirkwouldn't the first 2, funny heel shapes make me feel a bit funny inside. ... oh yes PLEASE for the 2nd too. those rose gold / nude ones are beautiful.

    and the filigree - yum. 2 of each please.

  3. @Laura Tis only a mile away - self restraint will be futile!

    @Louisa - The rose gold ones are pretty special aren't they!

  4. that first pair is ridiculously cool! good work!


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