Thursday, 24 November 2011

Ring Bash

Huzzah tis the Ring Bash today!

So excited to see and play with some of the most lovely people in this business we call wedding.

Seriously, I feel so loved by this industry, I want to make it an even more wonderful place.

Perhaps more excitingly it is.....

....the full debut of the Bean!

(He not getting naked or anything though - do not fret!)

He is a little grumpy his new shiny Bean business cards haven't quite materialised yet though!
Luckily his witty repartee will see him through.

Also perhaps even more super excitingly there may be another debut tonight.
(No I'm not pregnant but it certainly is my new baby!)


Yay for the Ring Bash!

There may also be an appearance of a certain pair of shoes.


  1. Hope the Ring Bash was loads of fun... and ooh to the reveal!

  2. Can't wait to actually meet you for real :D Woooooo!


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