Thursday, 10 November 2011

Ring Bash


The Ring Bash is soon!

Thank you so much for all your enthusiasm. I am so thrilled so many of you want to come. 

I am hopefully organising a few sweet treats for you and I am getting rather excited. Oh there will be fun times!

2 weeks today I imagine I will be somewhat over excited and throwing my wardrobe around with abandon.

(Now here comes the slightly embarrassing bit. Too many of you lovely peeps want to come and the venue is already full! So I'm afraid I have been operating a waiting list for the bash for about a week now. So yes please email me if you would still like to come but I can't guarantee I will be able to put you on the guest list. I am not an arse really - I just didn't anticipate so many lovelies wanting to come! I will tell you now - if you are not on the guest list you ain't coming in - ack next time I will find a bigger venue I promise.)

So what are you wearing?

I'm dying to see if you are going to dress up Fitzrovia style!


Bean has just bought some particularly epic shoes - Men of style you will appreciate them muchly. They are brogue gold dust. As for me do what shall I wear?! I need to at least try and outshine the Bean.


  1. Haha, is that spam on your blog? How rude!

    I was going to say, I too will be flinging wardrobe around, I want to wear sparkly shoes!!

  2. (Ack the spam is usually so well contained! - sneaky!)

  3. How do we know if we are on the guest list? I do so hope I'm on the guest list.

    I have a dress and everything. It's pink and ra-ra esq.

  4. "Eeekables" might be my new favorite word. :)


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