Tuesday, 1 November 2011

oh the lustre

Hold on to your cornflakes and get ready to want to spray each of them individually.

Thanks to the ever wonderful Poppytalk (via Craft via Trendland) I am now obsessed with wanting to buy the edible lustre*, Esslack from The Deli Garage, for my food!

I just can't get over how wonderful this golden apple looks! (I hope a certain other Golden Apple sees this!)

There are other colours including the silver but I cannot divert my mind away from the possibilities with the gold.

Gold embodies decadence and it is something I want to bring to the party at Christmas.

I want to spray it onto everything (nearly). I've got to admit the idea of a golden steak slightly freaks me out.

Yet, golden asparagus tips, golden quails eggs, golden popcorn, golden jelly, golden cocktails (I wonder how it might work upon a liquid?), golden lemon meringue cupcakes (my speciality - so delciously tart!) and perhaps the most decadent of all golden seafood - perhaps the claws of a lobster?

It strikes me that it is more that just the scary spray painted pine cones of yore - the fact that it is edible just brought the whole dining experience to another sensory level. 

Oh yes - I am a little excited! 

What do you think? Yay or Nay?

*If it's made by Germans I really do assume it is not really a hideous carcinogen in disguise!


  1. I love this! Who *wouldn't* want to eat golden food?! I bet it would be great on desserts (duh), and maybe if you did meat just a dusting would be awesome (I'm especially thinking of hams with a nice glaze or the kinds that have cloves stuck in them)...a nice golden embellishment to the glaze. Not to mention strawberries, any type of ball (cheese, sausage, etc.), finger foods....oh my!

    Just discovered your blog this morning and am hooked! Well, hooked and hungry now.

  2. I think golden lemon meringue cupcakes sound amazing.

  3. Oh my word, might have to buy some of this, I would cover everything in it! I liked the golden goose on their website! Either that, or I'd just eat silver sandwiches everyday!


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