Wednesday, 2 November 2011

How to be a Woman - an APW Book Club

****Warning Warning****
There is a very strong word used in the last main paragraph of the main text - I use it to illustrate my point.

So facebook is making me sad and not allowing me to comment as anna and the ring. I like my online persona, it's warm and safe.

I'm not saying that people are out to get me - but you just don't know who's out there.

So I can't comment on the lovely A Practical Wedding facebook pages anymore. Sad face.

Anyhoo, this lovely weekend there is to be a lovely book club with "How to be a Woman*" as it's main attraction.

We should all be meeting at Noon in the Defector's Weld in Shepherd's Bush. 

When - 5th November
Where - Defector's Weld - which is right on the corner on the North West side of Shepherd's Bush Green.
Time - Noon
What - How to be a Woman - Caitlin Moran

Shepherd's Bush is quite easy to get to. Shepherd's Bush itself on the Central line (oh and the train if you're coming from Clapham Junction or from the north) and closer to the pub (almost!) there is Shepherd's Bush Market which is on the Hammersmith and City line. 

It's nice and easy to get to as the central line is working as normal and the western arm of the Hammersmith and City line is apparently going to be working well (although you know the tube!). There are also a myriad of buses which stop in and around Shepherd's Bush Green.

So will I see you on Saturday? 

Here comes the "bad" word. (Although if you have read the book I'm pretty sure you're going to be okay with me saying it?)

I guess I should knuckle down and read the book properly. I'm not going to lie I'm not expecting to enjoy it. So that's partly why I want to discuss it. I guess I have old lady views and just because you say the word "cunt" you aren't cool or a feminist. I'm not automatically going to love the book - but that's not a bad thing - there are already plenty of fan girls for Caitlin Moran. I better get reading, right? (And stop sounding like Mary Whitehouse!)

*Should I capitalise?


  1. I'm going and am nervous. I liked the book but accidentally gave all my copies away to other people as I liked it a bit too much. I'm nervous about meeting new people as am quite shy. Do I need to dress nicely or can I wear cut offs and t-shirt? I have never been to a book club before and don't know what to expect. I am rambling now. I shall stop. I'm glad you are going as I sort of know you from the internet.

  2. I was thinking of coming (I'm definitely in the Moran fan-girl camp, though that's not to say that I agree with everything she said), but then my mum invited me round to eat homemade lasagne and, well, the food won out. Oops. Have a great time! And I'd be really interested in hearing what you thought of the book - always nice to hear other views.

  3. @Emma Damn you lasagne! You could delay it by a few hours?!?!

    @Siobhan - I've got no idea! Tis my first too and I am certainly not the "leader" but I hate facebook right now and wanted to talk about it!! Wear whatever feels bookclub-y! (the faux-mother in me wants to make sure you will be wearing tights with said cut offs - it is November now!)

  4. Not in Londinium this weekend or I'd go. I do love Caitlin Moran and loved the book (although didn't agree with parts but I guess that's what makes it interesting for discussion).

  5. Also, I can still fb comment as a page!

  6. Hello!

    Don't worry, facebook sometimes just hates everyone ;-)

    I would like to come even when I only have just started to read the book (but I will get to the end by Saturday, promised!) and I don't have any opinion about it just yet. Do you need to sign up for it with anyone? I understand Claire is not organizing anymore...

  7. @Carmen - oh gosh nothing really to do with me. Just thought I would publicise it a little more. However speaking to the defectors weld - they say we can have some space upstairs if we pay £50 - I'm not keen on that or we sit downstairs amongst the football "fans". I'm currently trying to see if anywhere else will accommodate us.

    Unless Book Club people are happy to split the room fee? I'm not sure how many there will be so I'm loathed (and to some extent can't) pay the fee myself.

  8. I'm not able to make it although I thought I'd suggest the stinging nettle by goldhawk road tube. Also handy for fabric shopping...

  9. Hello Lovelies,
    I just posted on the facebook forum. I will put up the £50 so we don't have to scramble and possible lose some people.

    See you Saturday.

  10. this sounds brill. would love to come Can I read the book in 2 days?

  11. Hello. I can contribute to the £50 that Ariel has paid. And I will ensure I am warm even if I wear cut offs! Slighly less nervous now I know there is a book club space so I will be able to find you all!

  12. Following over from facebook... I'm planning to come too! If I don't make it, it's because I have last-minute house guests and the boy is away on a business trip (to Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Hawaii. Damn him).

    @Siobhan, I'm shy and have never been to a book club either.

    @lula, yes! It's a surprisingly quick read. And even if you don't finish it, come anyway!

  13. This is the second time I hear her name first by Amma from Beyond Beyond and now you. Perhaps I need to look into this a bit more...x


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