Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Does spam beget spam?

Man I have mad skills in paint.

I'm not talking infect your computer spam. I'm talking infect your brain spam.

I'm still only learning about how to promote myself.

Twitter is an amazing tool. I love it but does anyone else, on occasion, feel completely overwhelmed?*

I get that many twitterfolk have an international audience and yes that there are early and late crowds but does the same post need to be repimped 10 times in one day?

That's not a rhetorical question - it's a question I genuinely want to ask. 

How much is too much?

Is there a "too much"?

I have to admit I do often muscle in on interesting conversations but should there be an etiquette? I try not to over tweet because well I know that you can take over someone's twitter stream and that's just not cricket. Yet my twitter feed does get overloaded by the same tweets every day. I'm not saying they don't deserve to be retweets of retweets but is every tweet golden?

Indeed of late I notice more and more that people muscle in just to promote themselves. Just to get their name out there. They don't seem, to me, to be adding anything to the conversation.

Am I just using twitter incorrectly?

I find it hard to talk myself up especially when I think I know I have good content and can be quite interesting. Deep down I wouldn't have been writing for so long if I didn't think I had something valid to say. So I keep on talking and whether it be about weddings or mental health, I think you want to hear?

(I want to continue to talk about weddings. I haven't quite finished saying what I need to say and I can't wait to show you the new site to talk about weddings more! I have so much to say but I feel a little constricted by this here, anna and the ring, space. (Seriously. Very excited!) I know that sounds crazy but her seems so very personal and I want to try to be a little more detached. I fear I scare people off talking about serious personal feelings. Whilst I will continue to do so perhaps I need to aim for a different angle. Not me, but we?)

Does it matter who you are? Should we grant the wedding "celebrities" a little more leeway because the power and discussion they create with social media is one of the reasons they are so important? How about the newbies should we believe they are naive or do we realise that in most cases they are not - why would they be on twitter otherwise - and are just using their faux genteelness to garner interest? Or is that too harsh a position? I don't know. I am on twitter a lot! First, third and five hundred and seventy third impressions count. (If they are the same tweet I'm pretty sure I know what my impression will be!)

I still like to maintain a little anonymity. I don't even follow anna and the ring on facebook. Why should I expect you to? No matter how many times I say it, I mean it every time. I want a community. I'd love you to follow me facebook it makes me smile. I'd loved to see more of my lurkers comment for they are the lifeblood of every blogger. (I know you are out there - I'm pretty sure you are interested too?) But I am grateful for each and every comment and tweet I recieve. I cannot wait to move to wordpress so I have better control in my comments. I can't wait to respond to your insightfulness properly!

Am I asking too much? Am I in the wrong? Twitter is a free stage for people to talk how ever much they want. I have no desire to curtail freedom of speech. Yet being overwhelmed is becoming exhausting. I really need to stop checking in for a look at 3am! 

I honestly don't know what I think.

Tell me about you and your relationship with twitter and other social media outlets. I am confused!

How do we foster a more supportive and less self-promoting community? Can we? Or am I already in it? Or does ignoring the issues mean that we are just creating a bigger hydra like beast in the future?

As always your views are like gold dust to me. I would very much appreciate your thoughts.

*I understand you can unfollow or mute but I don't think the people who flood my twitter stream are bad but I just wish they would take a breath every so often!


  1. I unfollow the people who retweet everything a gazillion times. I feel that twitter is great for networking and making introductions with interesting/funny/useful people but I don't see it as much as a marketing tool to the public so much. Maybe that's because I'm not doing it properly either though.

    And I love the pic. It takes skill to do a curve in paint.

  2. I also unfollow people who incessantly retweet or tweet the same thing repeatedly. Harsh maybe, but I only have so much time in the day - if someone you met for coffee on a regular basis (for example) started saying the same thing every time you saw them would you see them as often? It is life and manners on Twitter need to reflect those in the real world or you get unfollowed. Just my thoughts

  3. I am guilty of tweeting about my vintage venture but i dont know anyone personally on twitter and if i post soemthing about me i think they wont be interested and think who is this girl..? Ha ha.Great point though Anna x

  4. Oh Poppy - no that's what's twitter is for! I'm not saying anyone is wrong. Just want to know what others think!

  5. I heard you're massive in the market of stow...

    Guilty as charged - Twitter has become an extension of my brain so I sort of just blurt out a whole load of stuff. Today some lovely ladies made me realise I might want to keep things a bit more professional as it's a reflection of my business.

    I do overtweet, insomuch as I have a high volume of tweets and if you don't find me funny then I guess it must be annoying. BUT I like to think that my tweets are initiating conversations/adding to them as I like to keep promotional tweets to three core periods during the day when I know they will reach the widest audience.

  6. I too overtweet and Twitter is definitely an extension of my brain. I find it a bit of a competition sometimes, "How funny can I be?" Mostly that answer is, Not Very. But I do like to think that I have some interesting conversations with a select few.

    I too have been warned to watch what I say but as far as I'm aware, I took all references to my workplace off and I guess it does say that I'm Senior Buyer for Rockabetty Studios, but that's more of a joke than anything else!

    I've 'met' some lovely people on Twitter, and I hope to meet some of them at the Ring Bash and I'll try to prove that I'm not as annoying/rude/angry/sweary as I make out!

    As for the self promotion - my sister has a personal account (which is full off potty mouth nonsense) and a business account for Rockabetty Studios. Generally that helps her avoid any mishaps/bad promotion!!

  7. I tweet the crap out of twitter. If people want to stay and listen they can. I am never offended if someone unfollows me as I am most definitely not to everyones taste.

    I use it as a marketing tool, but I'm mainly marketing myself. I would hate to think someone unfollowed me for RTs and self promotion as I strive not to do such things.

    In summation, there are some twots on twitter. None of you are them. Tweet away!

  8. Hi Anna, great post and certainly a subject that can be argued in many directions. From my own personal point of view I share a twitter account with my sister for Philosophy Flowers. By extension because we are tweeting on behalf of our business there will always be an amount of self promotion / marketing happening. Alas, I'm afraid that is the nature of the Twitter beast. Or at least I think it is.....
    However, even personal accounts will always fall prey to the same issues as I think the constraints of the medium render everything down to...

    I'M HERE
    I'M HERE

    Even the most innocent of twitterers (is that a word?) will fall foul of this conundrum. Should people consider what they RT? Yes of course.

    Does that stop people RT everything? No.

    Are we in a 'if you can't beat them...tweet them' situation?

    It's hard and I wrestled with a little ethical problem myself not so long ago. As a business do we align ourselves with anything and anyone or do we selectively pick and choose for quality over quantity?

    As difficult as it may be to accept (and I'm not sure I have yet) twitter is a popularity contest that has the benefit of connecting likeminded individuals across the globe. Will someone who follows me in America ever use my services.....Erm...that’s a resounding NO. Will that person RT a tweet of mine or pass my info on to someone who might?.....I don't know.

    The thing about all my twitter friends & followers, and let's face it my competitors, is that we all seem to follow each other and the same people.

    Are we just creating one mega maelstrom of twitter energy that will eventually implode within an endless RT cycle?


    Am I by definition hijacking this post to promote myself? I hope not. x

  9. I'm an over speaker, an over tweeter, and yeah just over... can't help myself sometimes I go on an over tweet roll. My tweets are mainly inane silliness with a bit of repimping and a few casual bad taste jokes.

    But, it makes me happy and also I stopped worrying it is up to people if they want to follow/unfollow me. As long as they don't walk up to me in the street and say unfollow. I'll live.

    I try to retweet where I can, but I like to express my support through either interpretive dance or a comment on a blog, as sometimes I feel retweeting alone is a bit lazy and passive. Bottom line is do what you want and don't question it to much, you just need to be true to yourself.

  10. I love this post, Anna, I too struggle on how much is too much. I really try to post as much useful information on weddings and retweet posts that I've read and I liked...but it's also nice to put up a few funny videos that I've seen along the way!
    P.S, @PhoebeMiller, that phrase 'I tweet the crap out of twitter' is brilliant


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