Tuesday, 8 November 2011



I know. It's only the start of November but I want it to be Christmas already! Also I was watching a choir programme on BBC2 last night and remembered how much I used to love to sing in a choir.

I know I don't technically believe in any god but that does not stop me from believing in the beauty of classical choral music and obviously wonderful Christmas Carols.

I haven't been to a Carol service in far too long and who doesn't love to sing a little at Christmas?

So does anyone fancy joining me on 3rd December at St Martin in the Fields for an opportunity to learn how to sing the caroling greats like the pros? 

Here is the link. Do you fancy some choral fun before popping off to do some Christmas shopping?

St Martin's is such a wonderful place to sing. As a young lady I got the chance to sing there and what a delicious sound.

Come all ye faithful?

(My attempt at Christmassy colours!)


  1. 'na, i love me a christmas carol, wish i was in london town!

  2. :( I really miss singing in a choir too :(
    I am lucky that I get to go to the kids' carol service and have a good old bellow, but still tis not quite the same.
    One day......


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