Friday, 4 November 2011

are you ready to be gloved?

Some weekend fun for the ladies me thinks. As the weather turns colder thoughts turn to my fingers and how they need to be kept toasty. I had a serious scare the other day when I was doing my usual wild gesticulating and the engagement ring decided to fling off my finger and onto the evil that is the platform at Victoria. So as I wait for them to be emsmallened (such a cromulent word!) I have been looking for pretty gloves! 

So enjoy my little spend vs spree delve into the world of gloveage. 
(I have a secret - asos are having a sale right now on most gloves!)

A rather sweet offering from asos for £9.50. Sure they are a Kate Spade knock off. But still cute.

How about a pom pom or two? Asos for £5.50 and French Connection for £20.

How about a direct spend vs spree?

The first are asos for £28 (actual leather!) and the second pair are MCQ for £125. I am rather in love with the asos ones although i do prefer the cut of McQueen ones.

Leopard spend vs spree? 

The first are asos for £14 and are real leather too. Or perhaps some seriously sexy red leopard driving gloves from Agent Provocateur for only £250.

And because I can't stop thinking about these and how fabulous they would be at a fabulous winter wedding. Say hello to the epic Lanvins. The black pair are £870 and the nude only £1,110. I want thee.

Lanvin Lanvin 

Finally because I couldn't possibly be chic every day. How about these? I managed to snap them up for £6 but I believe they are £9.50 right now! Yes I adore them. (They have such a sweet almost fleece lining. Super toasty and make little children smile.)

Yes I should be a hand model!

Which is your favourite?

Will I see you at Book Club tomorrow?

What are you up to this weekend? I'm off to one my oldest friend, Giggler's birthday party too. A good weekend.

(Hello Giggler - I just told her about the blog!)


  1. Oh goodness, now I need to learn how to knit colorwork so I can do fun things like polka dots and letters (and puppet eyes).

  2. I need the leopard print driving gloves...

  3. Oh oh oh, heart palpitations! The leopard print driving gloves are lush! Just a shame I don't have a nice car to drive whilst wearing them!!


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