Saturday, 29 October 2011

willing wallpaper

And so my one day series continues.

Wallpaper features quite heavily in my wants. Having only ever lived in rented accommodation I have never enjoyed the thrill of virgin wallpaper. Don't get me wrong I love a splash of a deep matte or gloss paint but there always seems to be something so deliciously decadent about wallpaper.

This may also seem like a strange confession but I already have a secret stash of a few pretty rolls which I can't wait to break out at the right opportunity. I've secretly squirreled away odd rolls which I've found on ebay, etsy and wallpaper sales. They won't ever cover more than an alcove but I cannot wait to use them. I had wanted to incorporate one roll into the wedding but that's another idea I shall share with you on another day. I still think it is a great idea!

So how about this for a fine hand printed wallpaper by the immensely talented Georgia Horton

Hello delicious pale grey feathers - you would live so nicely in my fabulous decadent overly pink dressing room.

Or how about a quadrille of lobster in your kitchen? A risk of lobsters if you will (you learn something new everyday - and how I love to learn new collective nouns - yes I'm a geek!)

Finally how about a Hyde Park panorama? One and a half metres of perfection. I can't even begin to explain how much I want this scene in my life. It makes me feel nostalgic and optimistic in one fell swoop. Who knew wallpaper could make you feel so wonderful? Although I shall admit this is no ordinary wallpaper!

Do not fret nesters - although I don't love that word as it very much implies you are only thinking about babies so perhaps "homers" is more appropriate - I shall be revealing my secret wallpaper lusts slowly over the next few months.

Are you a wallpaper fiend? Please say you are! Tell me about your favourite prints. Let me live vicariously through your walls!


  1. We're off wallpaper mooching today.. So a perfectly timed post. Love the lobster, it would look good in our dining room. Looking forward to subsequent posts, our decision may take some time.

  2. I love, love love Wingbud Wallpaper: hideously expensive but completely glorious.

  3. Wallpaper is the way forward, warm & so much more than paint! Glad to share your obsession!

  4. Ooh, Anna, I love the first one - quilt. So beautiful. I've always lived in rentals, too, so even painting the walls is an endeavor...I find myself increasingly interested in wallpaper, especially as an accent wall, lately. Just catching up on your lovely blog. Hope all is well!


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