Thursday, 6 October 2011

tights please

Oh my. Is it cold yet?

Mystery Tights
Mystery Tights by OroBlu at Tights Please

You know I love my tights right?

Just look at them,

Hot black tights with gold foil skulls and other fripperies. They say that you should wear them with the foil on the front but I would totally wear them back to front!

Yes they are a crazy £17.99 but if they are anything like my Bebaroque thick opaques (different company but you never know!) they are going to be awesome. I heart sexy winter tights.


  1. I just bought myself some killer tights. In fact, I prefer tights to trousers I'd be so bold as to say.

  2. I'm digging those I do like black and gold was going to start singing 'Black and Gold' by Sam Sparro but I'll keep my spurious nonsense to myself.


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