Thursday, 13 October 2011

the present present

Hello lovely people. There may be a slightly more thoughtful (perhaps a little ranty) post later today but I need to get this out of my system too.

Aha. You see the title. Oh yes I am on a roll with my clever titles I'm sure you'll agree. So here begins a new little series of the item I am currently adoring and hoping that Bean or another delicious benefactor may see fit to bestow upon me. The Present, Present - see hilarious!

My current crush.

French Leather Club Chair c.1920

Hello lover.

I want you so very much.

I'm sure my lust will wane soon. I just love you right now.

Oh beautiful chair that costs £810. 

I would sit on you so good.

Hugs anna xxx

What are you currently lusting over? What am I missing out on?

*I should warn you - The Old Cinema is a goldmine of deliciousness.


  1. I love that chair! And I love the Old Cinema - it's dangerous having it more or less up the road from me, but (un)fortunately most things are out of our price-range. That said, we bought a fabulous chest from there a couple of months ago when they had their sale - bargain.
    I'm not lusting over much at the moment, which is possibly due to the fact that I've just had a bit of an autumn/winter clothes splurge. Well, it had to be done...

  2. How gorgeous is that chair?

    I'm lusting over this:

    And this:

    Although, neither are particularly practical/in my price range!

  3. Anna, that place is about a 3 minute walk from my work. Come over and we'll have a lunchtime trip there before I go xx

  4. You REALLY should not have let me know about this place, Naughty Anna... especially as it's payday and hubby's snoring quite happily so wouldn't know until things started arriving...


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