Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Luxury Wedding Show and anna and the ring

So as the rain pours down I thought I would send you a little treat. The beautiful dresses (and people) of the Luxury Wedding Show.

Oh gosh I remember Saturday, beautiful blue skies, a crisp chill in the air, the perfect weather to be wed. So as I skipped along the King's Road towards the Saatchi Gallery I was full of anticipation.

I must admit the £50 entrance fee was a little impressive and I was somewhat sure the day could not live up to the price tag. How wrong was I! I have admitted before that I adore luxe and I was certainly not disappointed. Blame my upbringing but this anna and the ring has taste and isn't afraid to tell you!

The level of exhibitors was outstanding and they had obviously brought out their best PR ladies and gentlemen for the day.* Only to happy to help and showcase their brands. Oh and the brands chosen were exquisite. The Saatchi Gallery really was a blank canvas. Some of the displays were epically grand, just what you want. Seriously luxe. I would have lived in a number of the florists stands. An amazing showcase for their work. I will be mostly talking about dresses today because they are what caught my eye. I was like a magpie!

I'm going to talk in alphabetical order so I do not miss out any of my favourites! All photos are courtesy of the Luxury Wedding Show.

So from Atelier Tamman. Oh my. I have seen her work before but never up close and personal. Such a friendly and interesting lady. I could not be more excited about her new lace (and I am not a lace-y person). I promise you that her new couture laces will be the perfect heirloom. Beyond beautiful.

On to Browns Bride. They showed Marchesa (amongst other giants of the bridal world). I mean just breathe in that dress. The are a big brand but so welcoming. 

Oh Candy Anthony. There were two dresses that caught my eye. One was a delicious silken ballerina length delight and then there was the polkadot tulle. Oh polkadot tulle how you make me happy.

Onto Charlotte Casadejus. 1. She be one of the nicest ladies in wedding industry and 2. she has such a eye for beautifulness. Her designs really are something else. Watching the dress below move on the catwalk. Heaven.

It was so lovely to finally meet Ellie and Charlotte in person. Their dresses are just so sweet and inviting and designed with women in mind. Adore!

Also I got to meet the cleverness behind Illustries. All I have to say is - "I want" and if you go to their website you will too! Their genius little infographics make me smile.

I mustn't forget the wonderful Jane of Jane Taylor Millinery. Where this perfect hat was a purchased. She is so enthusiastic about her work with good reason. It is decadently delicious. Oh and her new clever inventions. J'adore.

Kula Tsurdiu. We like. Her designs work with the most beautiful lace. Just look at the sweetness of the dress below. It helps that she is based in the lace quarter of Nottingham. Lucky lady! I cannot wait to see more from her.

Aww the lovely team at Maids to Measure are lovely. They are just launching now and I think they have a great concept. No more must you fret about hideous bridesmaid dresses. Your ladies can look as fabulous as you want them to look. A great idea, beautiful executed.

Mira Zwillinger. Hello exquisite.  You only need to look at the hand pleating on some of her work to know that her dresses are special. Whilst I do fully support UK brands when you find this level of quality elsewhere it is hard to turn a blind eye. 

It was lovely to see the lovely Catherine Mead of Photography by Catherine. I've spoken about her work before. It's hard to put into words how impressive her work is. As I said on twitter, her work is quiet understated perfection.

T'was also rather lovely to see the lovely Louise of Stewart Parvin at the show. I can't quite find the right words to describe his dresses. Elegant simplicity I think is the perfect description. Although 

Then there is Suzie Turner. Her work is in a league of its own. Her feathered creations. There just are no words. They have to be viewed in person to be believed. 

Oh Temperley. Your creations float down the catwalk so beautifully. This is a quintessential Temperley dress but I have to admit I am seriously crushing on the Goddess dress. The back is divine.

I wish I had heard of State of Grace before the wedding for their eye for style is phenomenal. They can curate your entire bridal look and more. Their taste is unparalleled. If you need help becoming the woman you think you can be this is the place you need to be. Just look at the cape!

Finally and this is a big finale! The red dress by Vivienne Westwood. I can't decide whether I love or loathe. I usually have issues with red dresses and think it might be slightly hypocritical to love this. Then I realise it is not made from cheap ill-fitting material, and although I could never wear it, the corsetry and drapery is fabulous. 

It was also lovely to see some rather talented ladies at the show including Abbey, Alexis, Amma, Annabel**, Charley, Kat, Sian & David oh and so many more. (Forgive me if I've left you off. I'm not sure my memory is what it used to be!)

Lots of other lovely ladies have written their take on the show. I always find it fascinating to hear what they took from an event. It is always so interesting to see things through far more talented eyes. Do take a look here.

Annabel - Love My Dress
Charley - London Bride
Kat - Rock 'N Roll Bride

So my verdict. I will admit I was worried that the show would not live up to it's claims. £50 is a lot for a goody bag if the exhibitors do not work. Yet in this case it was fabulous. Unintimidating, friendly and above all inspiring. So if you have a spare £50 and are craving luxury I do think it will repay you tenfold by visiting. Anna says yes, the Luxury Wedding Show is fabulous. 

*For the most part. I have to admit that a tiny fraction of the exhibitors really do not understand blogs and aren't always the most polite. No names - I just want to be honest with you. Otherwise I was bowled over by the service.

**Huzzah for the "A's"!!


  1. Shame I missed this, I would have loved to have gone to it. I had prearranged a rendez-vous with family in Rome. x

  2. Dave would like to point out that yes, he is a lady, he has lovely lady locks. Fab write-up, you'll have to dish the dirt on which exhibitors "aren't always the most polite" next time we meet...
    S x

  3. The silver dress with the cape? So very like yours, no?


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