Thursday, 20 October 2011

Harping on

My lovely (now friend) Lula not only makes the most wonderful cakes and has the most wonderful vintage crockery but is an accomplished harpist. She played so beautifully on my wedding day. I asked her to play some normal traditional pieces which sound exquisite but I also challenged her to play a few extra exciting more contemporary tunes. Oh how she handled them with ease. They pretty much made my wedding day. Seriously. They epitomised Bean and me.

I very much want to tell you what she played as I walked down the aisle but it's a little secret to be revealed very soon. Eeek the new website is coming and so I thought I'd save my wedding story for them. But enough about me.

Yes she plays the classics - obviously. Her nimble fingers bring joy to Canon in D which led my lovely ladies down the aisle but the harp is so much more versatile than people think. It is certainly not just about inducing a sense of nostalgia as we so often see in films! It can be so much more and bring a slightly quirky edge to more modern favourites.

So Lula wants your help. 

She wants to know what more contemporary music you would love to her her play?

Lady Gaga?
Gloria Estefan?*

What would you love to walk down the aisle to but feel needs a more regal edge?

Oh yes, I felt pretty regal walking down the aisle to......

...................................(sorry still a secret!)

*Hmm perhaps I need to work on my music collection!

Not a sponsored post- just genuine love.


  1. Chaka khan I'm everywoman?
    Or perhaps for an early 90s house feel Barbara tucker beautiful people?
    Mas que nada sergio mendes?
    But seriously aside from these modern interpretations adagio for strings classically played on violins but could sound amazing on a harp.
    Mrs H x

  2. I am sure I don't need to say Florence and the Machine...?

    What I would like to hear - Teardrop by Massive Attack, and The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson!

  3. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I'm liking the Cure one, that could sound ace.. and Barber's adagio is such a beautiful piece!

    And great minds, another ring- I've just learnt a bit of Florence and the other two are already on my long list! Teardrop sounds absolutely divine on the harp.
    Would love anymore!!!!


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