Friday, 28 October 2011

for every groom

Wedding days are days of love and pomp. I love that about them. I love that they are to be taken seriously and thought of as special because they should. It is a day to be cherished.

However that did not stop Bean and I having fun. Humour is an integral part of our love and I just would have loved for him to have had a secret little button on his shirt or trousers. Just because you are a black tie groom does not mean you have to surrender your personality entirely. Black tie is wonderful (if it works) but a little nod to the funny never hurts. Solemnity can be somewhat overwhelming. I know a few grooms would like to know there is something a little silly to idly fondle to remind them it's just not that scary.

I'm not going to lie. I don't usually love buttons. I don't get the love of buttons some of you lovelies observe. But some buttons I do like!

So hello Mr Button!

Mr Button by John Casewell Designs
A mere £5 for 10 buttons!

Can I be greedy and wish there could be a little mother of pearl action too?

Do you like?


  1. I love. They look like Karl Pilkington.

  2. LOVE! How can you get expression into a button?! Brilliant find x

  3. These are so cute! GORGEOUS photo of you on APW today. I absolutely LOVE your bouquet and smile!


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