Thursday, 6 October 2011

finally a summer holiday

This is an almost bragging post.

Today I get to go holiday after a swift jaunt to the Designer Wedding Show. Do come and say hi if you see me.

Well not a real holiday but I am at least leaving the house and going somewhere new.

Anna on holidays of yore.

The Bean and I are off southwards to a sweet little house with 8 of Bean's boys and their girls. Yikes 10 people in a very enclosed space for 2 nights. 

I very much like his boys. I very much do. They are hilarious. They are so cute when they are all together. I love that Bean has such good bromances. (This lady doth not protest too much - seriously I am glad Bean has amazing friends). Yet even after all this time I am sure they do not get me. I'm afraid my sarcastic voice is rather close to my normal voice and for the most part I fear they think I am a bit of a dullard. You know the looks I'm talking about. I know the girls even less. Apart from one they all met at University (in fact I think they were all in the same college?) and so have the delicious bond of which I shall always be green-eyed. 

Anyhoo, Hunter (the cocktail connoisseur) will be there with his vast array of gin botanicals, there is talk of a fabulous butcher and a wonderful bread maker from our newlyweds, many, many board games from our resident computer programmer and we shall be taking some rather fine gin liqueur, violet liqueur and perhaps the odd bottle of something sparkly.

We shall be getting through much ice. I cannot wait. It's been a while since I've drunk myself silly and played Diplomacy. Also chaps, just so you know I am even better at Trivial Pursuit when hammered. (Paul McGinley, Bean, Paul McGinley.)
So are you jealous? What are you up to?

Fight me for the master suite? It may have to be through chess? I am not the grandmaster I thought I could be. Perhaps we should settle things with chess boxing?

P.S. Will you be joining me at the lovely Ring Bash? I would love you to be there.

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