Monday, 31 October 2011

Fetcham Park

This siren that will charm Rome's Saturnine.*
Titus Andronicus 

Oh Fetcham Park, first may I apologise for my terrible iPhotographic skills. There are far prettier pictures elsewhere.

Secondly, gosh thank you for such a lovely afternoon. I must admit a Sunday afternoon is not the easiest of times to try and glam oneself up. Yet fabulousness prevailed.

Well where does one begin. I was rather surprised when the wonderful Parallel Venues invited me to the launch of their new venues. Me?! Little me! Then I heard more about the event it really was going to be and wild horses couldn't have dragged me away. Indeed from the moment I received my Cutture invite in the post I was hooked.

Fetcham Park is a gorgeous venue. Our hostess Laura (more on her in a second!) was impeccable. I hope she enjoyed a long deserved lie-in this morning.

From the moment you arrive, perhaps by the pretty Yorkshire Heritage Bus Company** you realise you are somewhere special. Can you see the sneaky amazing Aston Martin in the background. Swoon. I digress.

To enter a candlelit world of beautifully restored frescos and murals is spellbinding. 

The elegant staircase awrapped with the whitest phalaenopsis orchids which became the catwalk for beautiful models in even more beautiful dresses including Stepahnie Allin, Jenny Packham and Suzanne Neville from Miss Bush Bridal choreographed by the lady oozing with style - Penny of Tigerlily. You could not ask for a more talented lady to be in charge of your wedding. J'adore. Her music choices were just spot on. Sia, yes. Nick Cave and Kylie, very yes. (yes I am a little fan girl - shush!) The models really worked the #fetchamsiren angle and walked like panthers emitting decadence from every pore. I apologise for no runway photographs but my attempts were truly abysmal. 

The make up and hair for the models was created by Carolanne Armstrong (who made me feel exceptionally pretty last weekend), Wonderful Wedding Hair (a secret Nolan sister), Mariam Jensen, and many more. This is a talented gaggle. Hmm what is the collective noun for make-up artists - a palette? and for hair stylists? - a salon? You wouldn't go wrong asking any of them to be part of your day. I cannot emphasise it enough. If you are not confident with make-up or your make your hair looks wonderful you must think about hiring someone.

Wild About Flowers created the most fabulous floral catwalk. The orchids were just perfect.

From the prettiest toes of a certain Laura Caudery our hostess with the mostest. I don't know how she does it? She certainly has the ability to make you feel like you are the only person in the room and despite you knowing she only has a moment to speak with you it feels like she offers you her world. This is one very special lady. To choose to have her as part of you wedding day will be one of the best decisions you could ever make, save perhaps your intended. (I promise no-one is paying me to say this - she is one in 7 billion).

Shocking I see nothing else save these precious Miu Mius - don't forget Laura - they fit my feet too!

To the tastiest food created by at home. I could have eaten the morsels of mushrooms all day. Bean tells me I missed out not trying the amazing minted pea soup. Oh the treats were abundant.

I am completely in love with this chandelier. It is even more stunning in real life. I just want to steal it and make it into a bath which I could suspend from the ceiling and one could climb bejewelled steps to immerse oneself. The perfect decadent bathroom. Umm Laura, if you happen to think it doesn't work with your deliciously decadent ballroom perhaps you could send it my way?

That's not to say the Fetcham cloakrooms aren't fabulous. Villeroy and Boch porcelain ware- oh gosh yes. (Please don't think I'm too weird - I just notice certain things!)

On to one of the lovely ladies I bumped into the wonderful Aisling of Any Other Wedding modelling the amazing, no seriously, amazing be-petaled  (of course it's a word) skull created by the cleverness that is Bloomin'gayles. The skull and all her flowers were epic.

Finally I mustn't, well I just can't, forget the wonderfully verbose Emma, everyone's favourite Wedding Reporter. The gorgeous, talented, modest Emma. She be wonderful and was in charge of writing some very pretty words for the speeches. I wish she could be my personal wordsmith. However she most certainly can be yours as she is now Fetcham Park's writer in residence. Adore.

Oh and I did I forget to say a certain Bean joined me on his first wedding blogger engagement. What did he wear I hear you ask? His delicious wedding suit with velvet braces. He did look rather dapper. Ladies, if your men are willing to listen, the Bean will be writing a sage few posts in the near future. Huzzah! 

I very much love this headpiece that the wonderfully generous Victoria Mary Vintage lent me to wear for the afternoon. Would it be so very bad if I fled the country with it now? Please do look on her website for far prettier photographs.

He he he - it's me with very green eyelashes and one of my favourite maps. Two Anna pictures? Blimey - I must have thought I looked pretty.

In conclusion, how would I describe Fetcham Park? 

The perfect intimate venue. The pinnacle of understated British elegance. You could not ask for a more devoted team. Some venues just see their clients as cash. The Fetcham Park team is certainly a carefully curated group of talented people and certainly cares and wants to go that extra mile. If I were a bride I would most definitely be going to take a much closer look.

At first glance it may seem an eternity from central London but if Bean's driving is anything to go by it is far closer than I imagined. Yes let's embrace the gorgeousness on our doorstep. Hmm a certain young lady quite fancies the most decadent of 30th birthday parties at this most remarkable venue.

Thank you for such a wonderful afternoon.

Thank you for being to inviting and generous.

Were you there? Did you have fun?

*I'm not so self absorbed to think I am truly Saturnine.
**I will be mostly talking about the fabulous suppliers who I met yesterday.


  1. And I didn't even pay you...!

    Thanks so much for all of these lovely words. I'm so glad that you and Bean were able to come & see the loveliness of Fetcham for yourselves. And I absolutely second everything you've said about Mrs Caudery; she's a joy to work with as well as one of the most extraordinarily human beings I've ever met.

    Thanks for giving up your Sunday afternoon! x

  2. So lovely to see you yesterday Anna and to meet the dapper Bean in his Prince of Wales suit xx. Lovely blog too. efc photography x

  3. I'd say your iPhoneography skills are quite good! Looks like it was a fab affair

  4. You looked fabulous. Although did I spy some serious sparkle on "she who does not do sparkle"'s ears?? xx

  5. Anna - again not enough time to bend as many ears as I wanted. You and Bean are one stylish couple though. Looking forward to some more fun at the Bash x x x

  6. @Vicky - ack! I said to Bean as I was putting them on that you wouldn't believe that I owned something so sparkly. In my defence I would say they are not quite so bling-y in person!

  7. I love the photo of you and Bean. Also, I am surprised you did not find a way to go home with those Miu-Mius. Your taste in shoes is always spot on.

  8. This looks lovely. It almost makes me wish we were not in final negotiations with our venue and could use there instead.

  9. those pretty miu mius are perfect for the upcoming holidays!! she's a lucky girl :)


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