Friday, 21 October 2011

an eye for detail

Hallowe'en isn't something I usually get excited about.

It's just not cricket!

However since spying these bad boys on the Paperself website I need to find me a Hallowe'en party! (Oh and £12.50 to spend on exquisitely fabulous fake eyelashes.) Seriously how much fun are these!!

Although not invited to any Hallowe'en dos per se. I am off to a rather exciting launch party on the 30th at the magnificent Fetcham Park hmm perhaps I could have a little fun?!

Paperself lashes are a dream to wear. I am so glad I was brave enough to wear these ones on my wedding day. The just made it a little more exciting that the usual bridal style!

Elbie's little picture. Just look at them. They make me smile even now. I even ignore my not so pretty eyebrow scar in the picture.

Honestly I didn't feel like I was wearing fake eyelashes at all (I had already had individual lashes put on and then the Paperself ones on in the evening - the joy of your make-up artist being snowed in with you!*) and I slept in them and wore them for a significant portion of the next day! I wore them again for my little party in February and if I could find them (ack moving) I would wear them again and again!

Are you a false lash fan? Do we share the Paperself love? If we don't it's probably because you've never tried them! One try and you'll be hooked!

Not a sponsored post - just serious love.

*Although the snowed in bit is not really recommended in some aspects it worked out really well!


  1. Love Paperself lashes so cute and loving the halloween ones very cool xx

  2. I looove Paperself lashes - want!! I am having a halloween party (dressing as a unicorn!) so i think these lashes are a must! xx

  3. I love these lashes, they're beautiful. I think I might need to invest, especially in the halloween ones.

    Incidentally, until you mentioned it I hadn't even noticed the scar, don't be conscious of it, I bet nobody else notices it either

    L x

  4. You wore those on your wedding?! Amazing!


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