Saturday, 10 September 2011

a week of pretties day 6

Have you heard of Donna Wilson? Yes. Good good. No? Where have you been?

I first found her years ago I wanted to resist her charms, her devilishly crafty knitted pieces of heaven. Knitted in these fair isles.

I found her at a stage when I said "blah blah blah" a lot! This blanket, of course, was perfect. It is teeny but it  is a perfect little comforter on slightly chilly evening. They are just soo soft and cosy! I know one of my readers (well if she still has a moment to breathe, leave alone read, loves it too!)

However I am tempted to try tempt Bean we could both snuggle in this one!

What do you think? Would you love a blah blanket? Or do they leave you feeling blah? Or should we just go for a double slanket? Oh the static pain!


  1. I would love a blah blanket! It would be perfect during my sick days.

  2. i love the large snuggles! love it.


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