Thursday, 8 September 2011

a week of pretties - day 4

I'm sure you've heard of Not Just A Label.

However, in case your style needs a little updating, this is the place you need to look.

I love perusing their pages of cool shit. (There isn't a more appropriate phrase.)

I am posting teeny tiny pictures (mainly because I can't capture the larger pictures without elaborate pinning and faff) - click on them to see the full product page. You won't be disappointed.

From the Pearls Eye Mask which could be perfect for a game of peekabo by Tomhiro Kono.
Or a slightly more naughty (and purse friendly) blindfold by Frauleinkink (love that name) 
How about this slightly over the top necklace from Karishmashahani with a deliciously plain wedding wedding dress. Or is completely too much? The quintessential statement necklace?
and perhaps my favourite of the current crop of pretties. This sweet ring by Maria Francesca Pepe. Love makes us one. Yes indeed.

P.S. Come back tomorrow because I have an epic little competition for those in the UK on 24th September. Epic, I tell you! So much so I had to beg Bean to let me offer it as a prize.

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