Wednesday, 7 September 2011

a week of pretties - day 3

Oh Sandy Designs from Sydney. You are wondrous!

come dance with me,
down by the sea,
 little sweetpea,
you're my cup of tea.

Rabbit in Hat umm yes please.

Not for me but I imagine a number of you will adore Mr Sausage Dog

I would perhaps choose this little monster.

Thank you Sandy for curating such a great collection. 

Do I have any Antipodean readers?

Would love to know you favourites!

P.S. Huzzah for international delivery!

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So, I really love all the sweet and/or informative comments that you lovelies leave. Yet if you feel the need to be unnecessarily rude or offensive I will delete your comment and not feel bad about it. So just be constructive alright! Hugs to all you wondrous others.


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