Thursday, 8 September 2011

a week of pretties - and now for your ring finger

What I forgot to post earlier was this little beauty from Not Just A Label.

Perfect for the guy who wants to pop the question but fears his tongue will get a little tied when he gets to "the moment." Or perhaps a lady who decides that she wants to be the one doing the proposing. (Why wait for the next leap year. Break the mould and what not!)

Can you see? It's called the "Sew Into You" ring and it's by the fabulous Rachel Boston.

It is a sweet little brass ring with many many holes punched into it.

With it comes a needle and thread so you can sew your own message into the ring.

Could it perhaps say - Marry Me?

What a sweet idea. The perfect proposal ring if you fear your intended may be a little fussy?

A whole part of me wishes Bean had seen this a couple of years ago! Not that I don't love my ring. Oh you got lucky boy. So very lucky.

Hmm perhaps if we every have babies it could be a way to tell him I'm pregnant? Although that would necessitate him noticing jewellery? Actually he is quite attentive - although I fear it is because he worries I've spent more money. (Just to reiterate - I'm not pregnant.)

P.S. Don't forget about the excitement tomorrow. I promise if you love fashion you won't want to miss it!

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