Thursday, 1 September 2011

we were on a break

Seriously people it's an end of an era.*

E4** is stopping the reruns of Friends. Now I've laid bare some of my feelings about the show before. However, I will admit, again, in public, that I still sort of love the it!

There is/was something comforting about knowing they would be there for you. If you ever needed a little giggle there would always be an episode on somewhere. My little comforter. I think I have one box set somewhere for season 4. When I was too cool to be watching and didn't see any of the episodes until years later. Yet, it's just not the same to watch the DVDs. I think back to lying on Bean's bed in my halls of residence with a sadly long lost friend and laughing to the point of breathlessness at the holiday armadillo. Instead of revising we would watch hours, annoying Bean and his roommate. (We still passed - fret not!).

It was my education as a schoolgirl. As much as I don't want to admit it, I still have a very Chandler lilt to my speech and I still would love to live in their rent controlled apartment in the Village with my closest friends across the hall. I has made me yearn for the rather unobtainable joy of certain aspects of friendship but at least it showed me I cared. As a teenager, I guess that was quite important.

What do you think? Glad to see it go, indifferent or actually a little sad? I know it's not gone to the extent that smallpox is "gone" but it still seems strange.  Even just thinking about how fashion evolved, from the blandness of the early 90s to clothes I might actually wear makes me yearn to be a student again. Then there were the weddings. Oh the weddings. I still lust over Phoebe's wedding coat. Would you want to see a reunion? As much I would say yes,yes,yes I don't think it would work out in West Chester (despite being the best Chester in the US). I loved those guys as a company. Sometimes I think Bean and I base our relationship on Monica and Chandler. (I wish he were more like Monica - his cooking is fabulous).

So before I cry. Who's up for a Friends night? We can order a couple of Joey specials? Watch American Football (please no!)? You can brings the cups and ice? I have at least 7 towel categories. We are rather fancy here at chez anna.

A little love in? (Who has the DVD boxset?) A fond farewell to a stalwart Friend. 

Don't leave me hangin' I know there are a few of you out there!

P.S. I hope you secretly enjoyed the references and little in jokes!

*I will try to keep the quotes down to a minimum.
**Free UK channel.


  1. Yep, I'll admit it, I'm a wee bit bereft. (although all of my current mourning is reserved for the fact that we've just finished series 5 of the office and series 6 isn't out yet)
    We are such slobs, but after a long day at work there's nothing better than vegging out in front of some classic TV.

    I have a couple of oversized cups somewhere, I'll dig them out and come knocking on your door!

  2. Can i come to your friends night? Pretty please!

    I love it, still. It's like comfort food. Easy and warming and perfect for devouring on the sofa.

    Sigh. It's not like they make anything good to replace it with, so why take it off?! (and it's only E4 anyhow)

  3. I have the full box-set so I'm in! How sad it won't be on anymore

  4. I am also a little sad about Friends being taken off E4. I still cry everytime I see the one where Monica and Chandler get engaged and still laugh at the jokes I've seen at least 15 times on repeat. It's so comforting!

  5. Totally with you - I am so gutted! It's the end of an era! Like losing a comfort blanket! What am I to do with myself when I've had a tough day at work/am feeling under the weather/there is nothing else on/I feel the need to watch something so familiar and yet still so hilarious that I laugh in anticipation of the punchlines?

  6. I think I have series 1-6 but sadly they're all on video - if you find a VHS player I'm totes in.

  7. I want to go to Friends night! Alas I'm now a continent away.

    p.s. Went to the Hermes Festival des Metiers exhibit and thought of you and the South of France!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  8. Ok - I keep on forgetting but I very much need to have a Friends night. But must be soon!


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