Monday, 12 September 2011

take one brief

To find winter worthy flats.

- flat
- winterproof
- black or black/gold/mustard
- not blah.

I thought this would be easy. I am the queen of flats. I adore my heels but I sadly am yet to live a true taxi lifestyle. Thus flats are my usual go to shoe.

However, finding winterproof cute flats is hard. There are far too many blah shoes out there. Maybe I am going to wrong places?

So what do you think?

1. Mariner by Carvela - £110 - A great looking loafer.
2. Cecilia - Office - £56 - A cute quilted pump that we can pretend is Chanel.
3. Heart Pump - Peter Jenson for Asos - £160 - To quiet my heart love.
4. Loveheart - Asos - £25 - Toughened sweetness.
5. Row Bow - Office - £55 - A sweet bow for patent.
6. Valentine - Topshop - £20 - Put some glitter in your step.
7.Roar - Office - £52 - A a little grr against the winter morn?
8. Mable - Topshop - £30 - Sweet sweet hearts.
9. Poppy - French Connection - £40 - Simple patent.
10. Lucy - Miss KG - £45 - Studded patent fun.
11. Loopy - Kurt Geiger - £95 - Golden joy from day to night.
12. Venus - Topshop - £30 - The sparkle brogue. 
13. Love It - Nine West - £59 - Smart but sweet. Love the asymmetric bow.
14. Lucille - Kurt Geiger - £195 - Perhaps not for in the rain?
15. Lola - Miss KG - £25 - Faux snakeskin bling!
16. Mouse - Asos - £35 - Delicate lace brogue but tough enough for fun.
17. Louder - Carvela - £49 - The only vaguely mustardy non blah shoes I could find!
18. Lizzie - Carvela - £85 - With a suede protector this crown could be King?

What do you think? Have I found something you like? I had a shortlist of about 30 only these made the cut! 

I do rather enjoy shoe hunting for others. Would you like my help. If you have £2000 or £20 to spend. I can find your shoes. Anna to the rescue. Go on, let me.

Just drop me an email at annaandtheringlondon {at} and let me be your guide.

P.S. If you love fashion - have you checked out this competition. I promise entering is worth your while!


  1. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE number 4 - they are so funky!

    Debs x

  2. Oh so much to choose from. I think the last ones are my favourite. Nice work Anna!

  3. ooh number 3, but 'spensive, no?

    I'm looking for ballet shoes that look like real actual ballet shoes. Was originally thinking in a nude colour, but now thinking red ballet shoes. Should I just get ballet shoes from a dance shop and have a sole added maybe? Is that even possible? xx

  4. 7 and 18 are winners for me. I love that little crown, it's adorable

  5. Ooooh, I have a shoe challenge for you. Well, boots actually. I shall email you!

    SJM x

  6. This is totally the post I needed! (My bank manager doesn't agree)

    It's funny, I'm in love with the leopard print, but £52 seems too much for flats. Thouhg I wouldn't hesitate spending that on heels. And I'd wear flats MUCH more. Backwards thinking....

  7. Waterproof, nice, flat shoes are my holy grail - especially living in Glasgow! I would ster clear of the ballet pump personally as I think they leave too much foot uncovered so the top of your foot gets wet.
    I've been thinking some brogues and am loving the sparkly ones!

  8. I love the two animal print pairs. I'm a sucker for animal print at the moment much to my other half's dismay! hehe. Next have some very similar to no.14 for around £35, they're fab! x

  9. #17 - the mustard ones! I'm a sucker for anything in the yellow family! Also, I've missed you, Anna! I can't wait to catch up on your blog. I've been on an extended blog break, and am trying to get back into the swing of things, mostly because I miss my blogfriends, and reading up on your lives. Hope all is well...Giovanna

  10. I would say number 3 are my favourite too!

    @Laura - I know - flats are just so much more handy - sacrilege I know but true!

  11. I love these finds! so many lovely shoes m'lady x

  12. I don't like pointed shoes but the loveheart ones make me swoon!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living


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