Thursday, 29 September 2011

so i told

I told my parents that I have a blog.

I felt so very sick before the moment. Sadly living in your parent's home (and it very much being their home not yours) makes revert to cloud teenager.

I was expecting shouting. I was expecting to be treated like a child. I was expecting them to say no.

(Not a great photo (of anyone!) but nearly the only one I have - please note the whoop flag in my father's pocket)

They were more - "meh" and "I'll have to start clicking to increase your site hits"

I forgot they were actual rational beings. Yes it is not the course they wanted me to take but at least they wanted to help me try and define an office space at home.

Huzzah for beating my catastrophising anxiety. Onwards. I am getting better.

(Also did anyone else have issues with commenting on the blog. About 5 or 6 people have already told me they did. Another yay for moving away from blogger. Soon my pretties, soon.)


  1. I need a whoop flag to wave at this post!
    Whoop for anna telling.
    Whoop for her parents reaction.
    Whoop for this new and exciting unknown forthcoming blog that I want to know more about!

  2. More Whoops from me! Whoop for Anna and exciting times. May we have some cryptic clues?

  3. my mum is on Facebook. She knows I have a Facebook business page. And despite this, I still post links to my blog on my Facebook business page. It was a bit odd at first, feeling like my mum was going to be able to read my "business diary" but she never comments on the things I post on my blog. And that's with it being all "business" stuff, nothing personal. I think it's sometimes strange to share my mum with my outside world, and my outside world with my mum, especially given that probably from the time you start school there's a natural separation between parents and the "other" side of your life.

  4. awwww! yay for your parents! my mom used to be pretty excited about our blog. she still tells people about it and loves to talk about it, but she doesn't read it anymore, ha. it's okay. :) she loved it once, you know?

  5. Whoop indeed! Brave anna, I'm proud.

    I just this week had an email from my mum... "I read your blog today and I saw a few spelling errors and also found the writing hard to read as it's small and faint..."

    Gotta love them parents... xo

  6. congrats on taking the first step towards letting your family and friends in on your blog. hope you feel great and a bit more free!

  7. How in the name of blue blazes have you passed off all the amazing events etc that you've been to as a result of the blog?!

  8. @cloggins - I am a consummate little white lie teller.

    It feels good to know I don't have to be that person (all the time) any more.


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