Friday, 16 September 2011

Red Lips

Today, I am on a hunt for red lips.

Red lips that will be taken to Goodwood Revival tomorrow. 

Yes I am a lucky girl - Bean's main man somehow scored 4 free tickets for the Saturday. I cannot wait. I've never been before. Shall be a busy weekend. Goodwood, then back to London for my bridesmaid's (am I still allowed to call her my bridesmaid?) birthday - it may get a little messy - and then onto Birmingham for Sunday lunch with the inlaws visiting one of the brothers. 

So whilst I will not be rocking gold leaf eyebrows or lips I will need the perfect red lipstick.

For someone with a slightly yellow complexion and slightly imperfect teeth what would you recommend?

Tell me about your favourite reds!


  1. I favour the Boots Natural Collection lippie in, erm, Cherry something (I don't have it with me!)(And I heard they were discontinuing it, idiots!)

    I've heard that you need a blue based lippie for imperfect teeth and pale skin. I would recommend Rockalily but as you need it by tomorrow you might have to go store bought!

    Yeah, this was a really helpful comment!!

    PS, I am proper jealous you're going to Goodwood, I'd love to go, have an amazing time!

  2. Ooh I searched and searched for the perfect red, trying on about a gazillion different shades which all made me look about ten years older, or a witch, usually both!! Then I found Dior Rouge Bingo, it's now my favourite thing to wear.

  3. It depends what type of red you're after. Blue-red then it's Mac Ruby Woo. Berry-red then it's Guerlain Kiss Kiss Exces de Rouge. With undercoat and liner. Chanel Passion is lovely but I felt it lacked in punch. I'm jealous. Take me with you!

  4. Ah I LOVE red lips! I usually use Mac Russian Red - matt and creamy, and fairly long lasting. Goodwood sounds amaaaaazing - hope you have a great time lovely! xx

  5. I like a sheer colour with red so I go for Saint Rouge in the Saint range of Lipstick Queen at Space NK:

  6. Love MAC's Ladybug. I have a yellow complexion (hello, asian!) and slightly crooked teeth. I like to think it adds to my charm and I love this lipstick. My sister would steal it from time to time.

  7. Oo thank you so very much ladies. I may have tried all of those on! Seriously my lips were raw by the end of the day!


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