Friday, 9 September 2011

Oh my have I got a little treat for you. AMAZING PRIZE ALERT!!!!!

I have a few questions for you. They start easy and then get a little more difficult!

1. Do you like fashion?

2. Do you like Champagne?

3. Are you free to be in London on the 24th September?

4. Would you like to join me in the Platinum Lounge from 9.30am and then on the front row at London Fashion Weekend?

Did you answer - yes, yes, yes, (hells) yes?

Well then my lucky lady (or perhaps gent*?) you could be in with a chance to attend London Fashion Weekend. Epic Huzzah!

You, yes you could enjoy all this!

  • Exclusive entry into the ultra-chic Chambord Platinum Club Lounge
  • Front row catwalk seats in the official London Fashion Week catwalk venue
  • Chambord Royale cocktail on arrival, canapĂ© reception and complimentary drinks
  • Trend talks from our catwalk presenter
  • Beauty and hair care advice and demonstrations from Elizabeth Arden and TONI&GUY
  • VIP Edition Show Bag designed by David Koma
  • Energy boosting mini-massages, courtesy of Spa by Les Luxes
  • and you get to meet me!!!

Seriously. I know. I am the best blogger - nay person! These tickets are pretty special. I am lucky to have even one to offer!

So what do you need to do?

Well, I think the prize is amazing. (I am so excited to be going!) So I fear there must be a little hoop jumping for this my first, proper super amazing competition!

1. Leave a comment below. Preferably saying how much you would love to come with me to London Fashion Weekend.
2. Follow me on twitter (I do say funny things) and tweet "I want to to go to London Fashion Weekend with @annaandthering" (and let me know you've tweeted - Twitter vexes me so!)
3. Like my facebook page - and say hi!
4. If you feel so bold, write a little post talking about the competition and anna and the ring. (Don't forget to link back here!)
5. Promise (!) to come and say hello when my new website is up and running -soon!

Each of these gets you a separate entry into the prize draw. (If you are already like anna and the ring on facebook just let me know in the comments.)

(If you happen to be a shy, facebookless non twitterer without blog- you can drop me an email to annaandtheringlondon {at} for one entry too!)

You have from now! until 11.59pm (BST) on 19th September**

*I did need to fight Bean to let me offer this on the blog.
**If you happen to be a non-Londoner you have a chance to organise transport and accommodation. I'm sorry I cannot offer transport or accommodation. There is only one ticket available and access to the Platinum lounge is for the morning session only. The ticket is non transferrable and there is no cash alternative. 


  1. Oh Anna how amazing! Please, Please, Please let it be me I'm desperate to meet you after all the things we have in common and all your lovely blog comments! And the Clothes! the advice! the pretty! eeeeek

    ok the serious stuff... I follow you on facebook(under my personal account)
    I have just tweeted about your comp (although I'd rather be the only one that knows lol)

    And I'm off to the doctors right now but I will blog this later and then tweet you when I have.

    This is so cool! and poor Bean lol


  2. Anna this competition is incredible! Sooo why should you take me? Without sounding tooo desperate because I'd love you forever!
    Being a fashion obsessive (and a veteran of every modelling show in the English-speaking world) I would know my stuff so you'd have someone to chat about it with for ages after!
    Oh and it's my birthday that week and wedding saving means I we're not doing anything big - so something like this would make my year!
    Also did I say I would love you forever?

    Sara xxxxx

  3. Oh my, wish I could come! Unfortunately I'll be working away at a wedding that day. Which is a shame because I ADORE chambord! Hope you have fun! xx

  4. I would love to accompany you to the event - it sounds amazing!!! I'm missing out on LOOK fashion show because its my best friends Hen do and this event sounds so cool and great fun. Would also be so great to meet you and share the experience together xxx


  5. Oooh, I would love to come too! I have been in a thesis-writing bubble for the last month or so, so it would be a perfect chance to celebrate the completion of my Master's degree and to get back to blooging, fashion and fun times!


  6. I would like start this by saying, I don't care if I sound desperate!!!

    Not only would I absolutely love to go to LFW, to see some super amazing designs (I live breathe and sweat dresses!) I would also love the honor of spending a fabulous day with one of the funnest bloggers around! I don't feel I got enough chance to meet you properly at the party the other weekend and I think we would have a blast!

  7. I'd like to think I've got all the above tasks covered... so... pick me pick me! Never been to LFW and getting rather left out of all the tweets about it. And well, you know I love the fashion. xo

  8. Answers:

    1. Umm, yes to liking fashion. I ignore the limitations of my wardrobe space & my bank manager.
    2. Ummmm, double yes to champagne. Even at 9.30 in the morning. In the words of Mr. Coward "Why do I drink champagne for breakfast? Doesn't everyone?"
    3. Definitely available, I'll even set my alarm to early o'clock on a Saturday morning.
    4. Yes, yes, yes (hells) yes.

    It would be lovely to meet you again - far too brief a chat so far. I was going to go to LFWE all by my lonesome - it'll be far more entertaining having someone else to laugh (and drink) with!

    Off to do some Facebooking and tweeting right now x


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