Thursday, 15 September 2011

a mother's love

This is my mother.

She swears blind that this isn't her but I am convinced.

How incredibly cute!

via Pinterest via Piccsy (and the inevitable miasma)

Apparently close friends have sent her this picture in card form before saying that it must be her too!

She explicitly denies that her mother would have dressed her in shorts.

My Mamgu was an exquisitely talented seamstress and she always had pretty dresses. I miss my Mamgu so very much.

Obviously my Mamgu was a clever lady who knew her daughter was astoundingly cute on roller skates!

(Just a shame about the message!)

So I'm going to always think this is her - it makes me beyond happy.


  1. I love seeing old photos and videos from family.
    We have recently seen a real vintage super 8 film, from when my man and his siblings were little, it was sooooo beautiful.
    I had to cry a few little happy tears.

  2. I love this so damn much. And might need to re-post the picture. Holy wow.

  3. She swears it's not her. I don't believe her!


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