Wednesday, 21 September 2011

hello nyc I need your help

I have been made of a lovely couple. A lovely couple who must remain nameless (just now) for secret delicious reasons.

Said couple are to be married in early November in NYC. 

Well I say they are to be married but they have hit upon some unforeseen "challenges."

Now upon the twitter I have already inquired as to whether there is a photographer who might be interested in a commission for maybe 4 hours work for a teeny amount. 

The new quandary is that they wish to be wed on a public holiday - a most auspicious date one might say. Said New Yorker somewhat forgot about the closures of the City Clerk's Office. Ack.

So beautiful US people, do you know of any wonderful officiants in the tri-state area? 

(Although I am sorely tempted to try and get myself ordained and Bean to hunt down a camera! - it would rather fulfill one of my 30 before 30 wants).

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  1. If I could afford the flight and get the time off, I would be jumping at the chance to photograph their wedding!! I'm not a professional and have only photographed one wedding to date so my prices are very cheap (!). Hope they manage to find someone!


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