Wednesday, 31 August 2011

a girl always need a martini and wedding chat!

So last night, despite falling down the stairs, I hobbled. Oh very much hobbled my pink self off to Dirty Martini for a tweet up organised by the lovely Janet of Janet Mohapi Banks Cakes. (Serious noms!).

I haven't been to Covent Garden in a long time. It's been a while since Bean and I used to party at the Gardening Club c2000 (which I've just seen closed in 2009). I say party - get drunk and dance muchly is a better description. We have never been cool enough to use party as a verb.

Anyhoo, I carefully made my way down the stairs into the underground fun of the tweet-up and managed to say a very swift hello and chinwag with the lady of the hour! Well after the squeal/scream of "it's anna." I'm hoping the squealing was just because I made it after saying I probably wasn't. Otherwise I fear there may be some seriously disappointed ladies! (As in they actually met the real me and not my seriously awesome twitter persona!)

I got to see some lovely "old" friends Amma and Andri. Of course. They be the social mavens who know all and see all! Oh and Dasha with fabulous photographer. Her work is so beautiful.

I got to meet some lovely new people for the first time, well in person. (Seriously how did we cope without twitter?) This is a long list and in no particular order! Apologies if I miss you out. Please do let me know!

Ana Ospina Make-Up - flawless - if your face is your portfolio. Wowzers!
Cake by Sugar - noms!
Fiona Kelly - thank you for saving me at the bar and for taking amazing pictures!
Love Illustrated - oh my. 1. They had the best wedding and 2. They do the best stationery. Wow!!
Cranberry Blue - an oh so stylist wedding planner.
Tempting Cake - double noms!
Victoria Mary Vintage - I have been dying to meet her since I first saw her pretty pearl creations!
Linen & Silk Weddings - sweet lovely fellow blogger Elisabetta.
Kate Edmondson Couture - such prettiness!
Charlotte Bridal - wow dresses.
Wonderful Wedding Hair - a squealer!!
Laura Babb - a photographer to watch!
Bijoux Bride - another fellow blogger!
Shabby Chic Bride - and just one more!
Photo Hitched - I love Neda's work. Another one to watch!
Cutture - oh my, seriously how could you not love their work. Amazing.
Juliet McKee - oh so lovely pictures.
RingsnVeils - more amazing pictures!

and people I missed again!

Ivy Ellen - always in love with their vintage flower stationery range.
and I'm sure a few others. Ack!*

I've got to admit I am a little worried about the photographs that the lovely Yvonne took. I fear the pained grins and crazed faces. (We have established I am not a looker.)

There was much gossip, obviously things I was sworn to secrecy about and hopefully a few fledgling relationships made. Huzzah. Not bad for a Tuesday night.

Twas a fun night. (Although I would not recommend the Passion Royale and their interpretation of martini is intriguing!) However, not bad for Covent Garden. Their happy hour is wonderful!

I hope to see you all soon. Seriously, email me and let's do lunch!

Thank you Janet - such a great idea. 

Hmmm, it makes me want to organise something myself. Would anyone be interested?

*I'm so sorry if I did. Completely unintentional and I blame the Predator! Do drop me a line so I can add you!


  1. Hello Anna!! It was so lovely meeting you in person too - I'm sorry it was so brief. I would 100% come to anything you organised, just tell me where and when (especially now my "first networking event shyness" has been overcome!). Plus let's do a cheeky glass of wine before then sometime!

  2. Nice to meet you too, Anna.

    I wish I'd stayed longer but I was tipsy, hungy and tired!

  3. Hi Anna
    Lovely meeting you face to face and thanks for the mention. I would lovey to meet up again so yes yes yes for me xx


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