Friday, 16 September 2011

Evian Brumisateur

So this another of my sponsored posts.

I was rather looking forward to playing with the Evian Facial Spray. It has always been one of those things I've always fancied buying but never got round to actually, you know, buying.

I've read the "science" Evian.
"With its light mist, evian® facial spray hydrates (the epidermis), refreshes and tones your skin throughout the day. It helps the skin regain its water balance and also helps combat dryness caused by air conditioning or pollution. 
Evian® facial spray is the ideal beauty partner for perfect make-up. Used by professional make-up artists, it helps fix and refresh make-up during the day. 
For perfect make-up, after applying your foundation, spritz for 3 seconds 30 cm away from the face and allow to dry. Its fine mist helps eliminate any surplus and evens out the complexion to ensure a completely natural result."

However I am a cynic and do realise that water + nitrogen makes not for anything more than expensive water.

Yet, since I have been playing with my little can of joy. My skin does feel and look happier and slightly more hydrated. Maybe it is a placebo effect, maybe it actually pays to pay some attention to one's skin.

Do enjoy my demonstration. Oh yes the bad photos are back. There is no point in trying to make me look good. Te hee! (Obviously forgive my hair and general make-up less face!)

Thank you Bean. Such a hot salesgirl he is!

It is most definitely a luxury but it has been a life saver for me over the past few muggy hot weeks. 

Have you tried it? Go on, enjoy yourself!


  1. Hahaha brilliant! I used to buy them a lot when we went to France with my parents on day trips, the sheer novelty of spray on water, but have never actually tried one for it's intended purpose! That said, they're a bit expensive to buy over here and in France you can get GIANT cans of it! (Evian also used to do a really really lovely range of skincare products which have sadly since been discontinued)

  2. I used to use this on airplanes before the liquid restrictions. I guess I'm grateful that I don't spend so much money on aerosolized water anymore.

  3. He he he!

    Apparently my skin is crying out for moisture. Perhaps I need to invest in something more than water!


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