Monday, 26 September 2011

Book Clubs

I am a wannabe. A book club wannabe. However I am not a good reader. I am sure I never pay enough attention to be a good reader. I grew up in a school where the science peeps did not read books. So my repertoire of literature is small. In fact I am sure I can read a book and have none of it penetrate. I know I am a perfect book club attendee!

Yet, since starting to blog I want to widen my vocabulary and voice and I know/think the best way to do this is to immerse myself in intelligent words. (Anna this does not mean another murder book).

Do you have any tips on how to help the creative writing process?

I think I need to join a book club. However I fear that I am more of a drinker than a thinker and thus I am in love with this. Although I fear it may be to do with her rad red jeans more than anything else!


  1. Anna your vocab is amazing! I love the way that you write, you have a wicked way with words. I'd personally love an Anna & The Ring book club :)

  2. Hehehe. I'm in your boat, girl. I'm not sure what to do to entice the process. I actually have a degree in English yet I don't like to read. Mostly because I'm easily distracted. I think it's really a matter of finding an author you like. A book club could be fun. I hear they are often more about being social than reading. Who knows.

  3. Hello Anna :)

    You can be in my book club. Perhaps you could even suggest a book/write a post/just enjoy the direction...

    Love, Flo xo

  4. I have been trying to get a book club off the ground ALL SUMMER-how hard should it be to get together, read a book and drink a glass of wine?!

  5. I love the idea of book clubs too. But here's the thing...not that you asked for my advice...still, I'm going to give it to you anyway: make sure you are really going to commit to it. I have joined three book clubs in the last 5 years because I loved the idea and I ended up quitting two because I hated the deadlines and I had to take two trains to get to the book club chick's apartment and I just wanted to read at my own pace. I agreed to be in another one recently and I'm afraid this is going down the same path. :( But, if you host it and provide the wine, it may be more of an incentive. I wish I lived in London!

  6. I joined a book club shortly after I had Scarlett and moved to a new area - seemed like a great idea! However, the women at the book club were all NCT friends, were all expecting their second child (I wasn't) and just generally, my god, they bored me stiff (plus, no wine!)

    I'd love to join another book club....

  7. I joined a random book club once. We talked about the book for about 30 minutes and everyone was all passionate and excited. Then someone got a round in and it became all about drinking instead. I was the loser who wanted to carry on talking about the book but no one else was having any of it!

  8. Hi!
    Try short stories to start with... for example, Kurt Vonnegut "Welcome to the Monkey House". the stories are fascinating, and funny, also bizarre. so you may find yourself talking about them, having literary discussions about them and bam, the literary voice has some ooomph behind it.
    True stories by people you relate too are also a good place to start...


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