Wednesday, 28 September 2011

blue shoes - i saw you standing alone.

The lovely Emma of Another Ring Coming had a wedding shoe quandary. 

I got this brief.

My ideal shoe is:

Indigo or electric blue (will stretch to any old blue)

Summer sandal

Heel no higher than 10cm (4 inches)

Not chunky, platformy, a wedge, or heavily strappy


Ideally ankle strap, not slingback.

Yikes. We have one demanding Australian right here! (Kidding!)

As always I thought it would be easy. I was a little wrong. I apologise for the smattering of Ivanka Trump shoes. I needed to go worldwide and Zappos seemed like a good place to start! 

1. Ivanka Trump - Zappos - $160 - I do love a good T-Bar sandal.
2. Ivanka Trump - Zappos - $117 - A little understated?
3. Glamorous - Dune - £90 - Comfy prettiness.
4. Delaine - Dune - £85 - Bowdacious.
5. Isabella - Kurt Geiger - £39 - Bow overload? A little crazy?
6. Nina - Zappos - $99.95 - Delicate with a pretty gold edge/
7. FlashBulb8 - Nine West - £75 - I love these!
8. Halston- Miss KG - £65 - Pretty with a simple twist.
9. Edie - Kurt Geiger - £160 - My secret favourites.
10. Nina - Zappos - $89.95 - I can't decide whether I like these - I think they are too low and a little ugly?!
11. Dianne - Kurt Geiger - £90 - Love the high ankle.
12. Donald J Pliner - Zappos - $235 - Love the colour.

Prices in Sterling and US Dollars.

So what do you think? Have I found "the ones".

(Edit - Emma found the No. 3 pair and thinks they might be "the ones")

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  1. Hi Anna! This range is amazing! I did buy the #3 pair... they haven't arrived yet, but I have high hopes. I tried on #11 and they were lovely but not quite summery enough. I hadn't seen many of the others! The Halston and the Nina are gorgeous... perhaps I will be buying again... eek

    Thanks so much for making such a pretty display!


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