Monday, 12 September 2011

any other party

On Friday night I had the pleasure of hugging the three lovely ladies of Any Other Wedding for I was lucky enough to snag an invite to their sweet little party.

Twas so lovely to finally meet delicious Anna and a radiant Clare (I was  reading your first emails to me from all that time ago just the other day!) and see the beyond gorgeous Aisling once again.

Now it was a hot night in London and so I spent far too long outside trying to breathe* but the moments I got to talk to speak to people were lovely. It was just refreshing to be with witty, intelligent ladies and gentlemen and enjoy their company. No falseness. Just talking. The AOW girls have cultivated such a rich community. They are incredible ladies.

Now I am sure to miss people out because a) I am rubbish at names (not faces - faces I remember - ps I told you I should write things down**) and b) it was so incredibly loud I fear I stood by the rule of 3. If I couldn't understand your name after 2 goes. I'm just going to pretend I heard it. Also that goes for most of the conversation. I like to think I'm a good conversationalist. I listen, I respond with witty repartee yet in times of low level background noise my ability to follow a conversation grinds to a halt. So my apologies.

From the lovely Lucy Stendall (je love but she is just too pretty!) to the always effervescent Andri (my delicious networking queen bee). To the newlywed Esme (this is one clever pretty cookie) and the crazy Ginny (I think I love you, you hilarious platypus). From the lush Annabel to the equally fabulous Rebecca and the stunning Elizabeth. (Incredibly gorgeous ladies - swoon - seriously why didn't they tell me you need to be gorgeous to be a wedding blogger). To the crazy talented Lawsons (how I wish we had spoken for more than a hi) and the the excitingly busy Eliza and the lovely Mark.

The amazing Louise who designs dresses I adore and happens to rather crafty with a needle and thread on a train. The ultra chic Alexandra who had the best bow of the night! I also got to see the lovely Sara for the briefest of moments. Oh and of course the lovely Sarah - who I insist enters the draw for the competition.  Also I know there was a beautiful redhead I spoke to whom I would love to talk again. (Could you drop me an email - annaandtheringlondon {at}!) 

In fact there are so many ladies I would love to talk to again - be it by email or over coffee. I know I've missed you out, and I'm not really sure if you frequent my besparkled*** pages but I would really love to hear from you. Really. In fact I very much need to talk to you all.

Finally I was almost exploding with joy (although I did try to act cool and failed) to finally meet Kirsty. Exactly how I imagined her a crazy intelligent stunning Miss Jean Brodie. Wunderbar. (You will be receiving a hopefully witty email soon!)

I have to say whilst it is weird to hear people say they go "squee" when they think of me and my wedding blog it is also crazy nice. Would you be interested in a little night organised my me? Or am I batting above my weight?

I was very sad when I had to dash for the tube in order to miss the hideous voyage of the night bus. Coming home to Bean was good - it is usually the highlight of the evening. In this case it really wasn't - sorry Bean!

*Next time don't wear long sleeves, silly.
**Please see the third to last paragraph!
***Bleurgh - but how else should I describe them?!

P.S. Do you want to come with me to London Fashion Weekend? Yes, of course you do, so click here!


  1. It was indeed a very very lovely night meeting such warm & thoughtful women. Go organise Anna.

  2. Oh please organize a do Anna. I would certianly try and make it down to London town for that xx (that's if I'm invited of course - hehe)

  3. Anna,

    Hello! I'm claiming to be the 'lovely Sarah' you mention. I shall enter your competition today. It was lovely to meet you and chat away before you had to dash.

    Count me in for your shindig (I was going to call it a 'Ring Bash' but that would give totally the wrong impression). I'm sure people would love to make it!

    SJM x

  4. Oh shush you crazy lady, now I'm all blushing! It was absolutely wonderful to meet everyone, so many smart, funny, gorgeous ladies in one place. Amazing. (Oh and I think the beautiful redhead you're referring to was Cathy.)

    Please, please call it the Ring Bash.

  5. @Joan - seriously did we meet? If not, please can we rectify this very soon?

    @Others - Ooo a Ring Bash - he he he!

  6. Hello lovely! Well, I personally would be first through the door if you arranged something! Sadly, living a million miles away in the middle of nowhere, I might well be first out, but I'd still be there with bells on! Great to see you - too short, I agree - we must do coffee soon! xxx

  7. I'm soooooo sad that i missed it :(
    I hate you Midlands Trains!

  8. Hehe, I'm that newlywed. An email coming your way very soon my lovely!

    Wasn't it a FAB evening? I would definitely come along to 'Ring Bash' - DO IT!


    P.S. Yes, redhead was Cathy, of this lovely wedding:

  9. Anna, it was lovely to finally meet you {briefly} but there's so much more to say! I would LOVE to come to your ring bash where you will be surrounded by 'squeeing' admirers all evening, including me! ps. Have I ever mentioned how much I love your vocabulary?

  10. Anna, it was fab to meet you, if only very briefly! Please may I come to 'Ring Bash' .... I promise to bring Bletchley Park memorabilia x

  11. A beautiful write up Anna! You should definitely throw a party my dear. I want to have one now but not sure if anyone would come! I wish I lived closer to all you beautiful AOW-ers.

    It was lovely to meet you all and great to see some friendly faces again from the LMD soiree too! I'll be sharing some of my favourite photographs from the evening over on AOW soon so keep your eyes peeled ladies!

    Mwah to Anna for being too kind. It's lies, all sweet sweet lies but I love you!

  12. Ooo I want a ring bash so bad right now!

  13. How oh how did I miss this...?! Yes pleeeeeaaaaaaaase to an anna ring part-ay! How simply marvellous that would be!


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