Monday, 26 September 2011

and again i am learning.

This weekend was perhaps not the weekend I wished for.

Don't get me wrong there were great bits!

So this is my low down! Both good and bad in near chronological order with my awful unedited iPhone pictures!

1. I am not good at dealing with embarrassment. I despise being made to look like a fool when I am in the right. Grrrr. Also I should not hop and skip. I have a tendency to fall flat on my back. Also London people. I am from London too, I get it, but if you see someone fall over right next to you and the aforementioned person hits their head it is okay to ask if they are okay. Okay?! (P.S. Ow!)

Thank you Miss London Bride and your Instax!

2. The VIP lounge at London Fashion Weekend was fun but not worth £125! We certainly tried to get a couple of extra champagne refills. The catwalk was at least quite interesting. I tried to grab a few pictures. There are some epic clothes that would be perfect for the fashion forward bride. 

Love the black and white together. The tassles may be a little OTT but I am still liking what I saw!

Fabulous, textured Osman

Love the Bryce Aime. I would love for a bride to wear this.

Hmm. It's interesting I've chosen pictures all of the same model. Should I go for the platinum blond crop?!

3. I'm sure I'm not meant to think this but I do find some models fascinating. Their walks are incredible. Their limbs are mesmerising.

4. It is very not good for me that I seem to adore all of Kate Spade's prettiness. It is even more fabulous in the flesh. 2 new stores in London with the exact vibe I would wish to decorate my own home in - this is going to be difficult!

5. I am incredibly unphotogenic. We knew this already but dang Bean took the most hideous photo of me with London Bride's camera! Also how cute (nay gorgeous) is Charley in stripes?! She was even complemented by Grace Woodward. Oh yes this young lady is hot!

6. I need to learn to break shoes in. Seriously. I cannot cope with any more blisters. Do you have any tips?

7. To compound the scathing review of my skin last week. The Elizabeth Arden lady came at me with her "skin diagnostics tool." Oh my poor skin is severely dehydrated and I admitted my terrible skin secret. I don't use a moisturiser on a regular basis and worse still, I may sort of never remove my make-up before bed. Yikes! I'm a bad person. This will begin to catch up with my poor pores very soon. However since the look on her and Charley's faces I removed my make-up properly. I am still trying to find the right moisturiser. Any tips for slightly oily skin?

8. I forgot to mention how much fun Goodwood Revival was despite me not getting my hair done! I would love to return with a big group of friends with a hampers and champers. Oh and perhaps a few million to purchase a Mercedes 300SL Gullwing at the Bonham's auction. Yes please. What do you think of Bean and Hunter - Bean playing in his wedding suit. He was rather happy!

Aww - it's almost as if they've never seen a Routemaster!

Pretty Rolls.

General Fiat 500 wonderfulness.

I assume this is the deliciously phallic Type E Jag. But I'm a bad girl and just loved the colour!

What have you been up to?

P.S. Are you up for some controversy later on in the week?


  1. Anna, i used to be the same about my skin then i discovered Liz Earle and i totally swear by it!

    I have a slightly oily skin and use her hot cloth cleanser, toner and the light moisturiser it is just brilliant i cannot recommend her products enough. You can buy online here;
    It is well worth the money as my skin has never been this wonderful!
    Plus you always get a little travel freebie!

  2. Ha! My skincare routine is probably worse. I've bought so many eye creams over the years, never used them. I've bought some of those cleansing wipes to keep beside my bed in cases of extreme laziness (although mine are all-in-one cleanser, toner + moisturiser from Primark for £1, so they can't be great...)

  3. Ha, love that you got the same model each time. I also learnt many of the same lessons as you, maybe less the clumsy one. Sorry us Londoners were unfriendly, I promise we aren't all that bad. And thanks again for taking me along for the ride with you. Some good thangs...

    1. Grace Woodward comment, 'mazing.
    2. Free champers, yum
    3. Models walk funny don't they?
    4. I saw Somerset House. Finally
    5. I heard my most favourite song during the catwalk
    6. Glad I now have someone to share my Kate Spade obsession with, just sorry it had to be you - it is indeed dangerous
    7. Seeing the Bean and Anna together. Aw.
    8. You didn't mention the goodie bag...


  4. Extra bubbly should make up for a lukewarm VIP experience right? I love the combination of black and white too!

    That revival looks like so much fun. I wish we had those here!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. Thanks for the skin tips ladies!

    @CnC - didn' tyou just get to see some pretty amazing cars?!

    @Charley - oh yes the goodie bag!

  6. I am de-lurking, because I love to give advice!

    1. I also have slightly oily skin (such that I do feel like I need moisturizer sometimes, but tend to regret touching it about an hour later)
    2. My skin has been SO much happier since I stopped compulsively buying cleansers in pretty bottles and just washing my face with a warm damp cloth. I use a bit of coconut oil around my eyes to coax off any reluctant mascara. I don't need to moisturize at all in the summer, but in the winter when it is -20 and there is no humidity in the air, I use a tiny bit while my face is still wet from washing/showering.

    I do enjoy your blog so much - you have excellent taste in shoes :)


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