Friday, 30 September 2011

alphabets bags

There are some brands which make you happy.

Alphabet Bags and their sister site the Keep Calm Gallery are certainly one of those brands.

They have great customer service. That is Hayley and Lucas the owners and their team certainly care about their customers. They make me happy and in a week where certain brands have highlighted their lack of respect for the people who buy their garments it is great to see a UK brand caring about their customers.

A UK brand featuring UK talent. Love.

However above all they have amazing stuff. I actually can't believe I haven't talked about them more on here. I think I wanted to keep them a secret so I could have all the wonderfulness to myself.

Seriously every time I pop onto their site I see something new and my magpie eyes get all excited.

Now this is very much going to sound like my Christmas list (or may be a younger me's sticker album) but want, want, want, have, want, have!

Book Worm
Perfect for my new wanting to be a proper reader.

Coin Purse - &
I know a certain lady who would love this!

A - Gold
Perfect for an anna bridesmaid?
I would have so bought these for my ladies but I had another idea I wanted to try out - and need to show you too! 

Even the big cat approves. Yay. I'm a geek!


And then there are the prints. The delicious witty, occasionally heart breaking, but always wondrous prints.

When I have actual walls upon which to hang such beauties I will have these beauties. (If they aren't all snapped up between now and hopefully soon.)

Oh so sweet as a guest book picture and then framed.

I want to be this person.

A very nice thought. And lovely can be your person inside too.

The perfect wedding present.

So you must pop over to both Alphabet Bags and the Keep Calm Gallery now and then come back and tell me which is your favourite. Go already!

Not a sponsored post - I just love.


  1. What a gorgeous round up Anna, I love all those finds, they are dead sexy *smacking my own booty*

  2. Lovely. Like the Keep Calm gallery a lot.

    But I sort of feel like this is a sponsored post?

  3. Dear Sarah,

    I can guarantee it's not.

    I always say when it is.

    I just really love great British brands and think that others should know about them.

    I'm sorry that you felt my post read like that.


  4. I could actually wet myself I'm so excited by this. I can't believe you pipped me to the Geek post! Thanks for introducing me to something new and wonderful and essential to my life but not to my bank balance!

  5. Love those bags! Especially the stag print one! Currently obsessed with anything with a stag print!

  6. I love the heart one (obviously!) Anything red and white I am OBSESSED with right now! Plus I have to find a replacement for my favorite bag ( since it got filled with about a pint of bird poo in the park last month. I better be getting some serious luck after that drenching!


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