Friday, 19 August 2011

Yay New York

I'm a little behind on this post but better late than never.

You may have read my little happy piece about New York State (finally) legalising gay marriage. I still get a little misty eyed even thinking about the joyous pictures of those who wed on that special day.

Anyhoo, you've heard about Yay New York, right?

There are going to be two fabulous weddings during the day next Thursday (please be getting the excited butterflies!)

Then there will be a joyous* mass reception to celebrate wedding equality brought to you with love by A Practical Wedding and Lowe House Events.

So just buy a ticket already and if you can't make it maybe buy a deliciously fabulous tote, like me?

All the proceeds are going towards Lamba Legal, who for want of a better phrase, are all about the civil rights of LGBT lovelies.

Yes love and marriage is a universal right. This is such a important day. 

Yay for love! 
(as I've said I think once or twice before!)

Would love to hear from you if you are going. I am crazy jealous!

*It will be joyous, no matter how uncool that sounds.


  1. Better lady than never, my lady friend. Yay New York!

  2. Er, make that "late". Tee hee.


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