Wednesday, 17 August 2011

times are tough

There have been a few tears here at anna and the ring today.

I think I have upset my mother.

She is despondent that I am not working and that I have no future. All sadly true.

(I have also been trying to come up with a satisfactory response the the comments of this post. And failing mainly because I think we actually mean the same thing. Would love to talk to you properly anon - my email is annaandtheringlondon {at}

Anyhoo, back to money. Ouch, I do not enjoy being a kept woman. From having my own cash to spend on what I enjoy. (Yes I realise that was mostly shoes but I also loved being able to spring little presents upon people). 

So in a way of looking after the pennies (and I imagine it will be pennies) and regain a teensy bit of independence I thought I would see what adsense was all about. We shall see. I still don't really understand.

Also there will be a few sponsored post in the very near future (perhaps today!). By sponsored I either mean I have been paid to write about a certain brand or item or I have been gifted said item to write about. Either way I can promise you my views will still be my own. Anna is the name you can trust! I mean what's the point of talking about this stuff if I don't tell the truth?!

Is that ok? What are your thoughts about blog advertising?

Although things are not all bad. Bean and I are cat sitting this delicious fellow. (More to come on him later too - assuming his Mummy says it's ok!)

He is silly. and lovely.

I love that he looks scary here. He is the least scary cat in the world. I think I just caught him mid mew (he doesn't miaow). You look fierce LiBot.

A more typical pose.

The most delicious green eyes.


  1. Having to worry about money stinks. you are a smart cookie and I know you'll find your part...the path may just be a bit blocked by other debris along the way. I remember feeling that way in London when i was unsure about the future (and now I have this different and crazy role).
    I'm totally fine with blog advertising as long as the author's opinions aren't compromised. Use those pennies and pounds towards lovely things!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. I wish people would gift me things to write about! Seriously though, I think it will be a cool new venture and I look forward to your views on any and all things. :-) x

  3. It has been a little over a month since I started working again and I kind of...maybe...sometimes miss being a kept woman/queen/slave driver. I do love having my own money (which was spent very very quickly) to spend on whatever I want and it's nice to have a routine again. Plus, I can go and see you soon!


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