Monday, 29 August 2011

that was the bank holiday weekend that was aka tpiuwsp*

*If you could help with a little quandary at the end that would be great.

This weekend was a weekend remarkably bereft of photographs.

I took the camera places but it never quite managed to make its way out of my bag.

The week was meant to be a week of adventures. This did not quite happen as I may have fallen over. I be an idiot. Most people can walk down stairs, alas steps appear to be my nemesis. Oww. I even have a bruise.

However by Thursday I could walk with intention to be intrigued.

So walk we did - to the car. (It was raining but we had a hankering for adventure**).

The car took us to Whitstable. A place I am sure is better in the sunshine. 

I wore my favourite (well only) wellies. (Sorry another wedding picture - but one I love.) The weather was bad but it did not snow.

The highlight was seeing (and being far too cool to talk to) Dick Strawbridge the man with the best moustache in the UK.

We bought cupcakes to eat much later. We looked in every charity shop - and almost bought many Richard Clayderman LPs. Seriously he knew how to make a classy album sleeve and again almost bought more Trivial Pursuit questions. A 1993 flavour instead of our usual 1984. If you ever play with us and you don't know the answer I'll give you a clue. It's either the USSR or cribbage.

We searched for the Fish and Chips. Why else would you to the seaside? We failed. So we wandered around looking for somewhere and we stumbled upon JoJo's. We were lucky to get a seat (and had to sit at the pass) on a Thursday lunchtime - we took that as a good sign. Shame we didn't bring our own booze for lunch as it's BYO. We gorged upon venison, beer battered haddock and tsatziki. Oh my. Meze meets (my belly) or perhaps the best of British fare.

I then ate far too much rock. I should not have eaten it all. We only bought one stick. It was still too much. So my belly grumbled whilst Bean strolled into Marylebone to sample the cocktail delights of PURL. I was very much looking forward to drink the absinthe creation. I imagine that would have been enough. Although it becomes clear I was only invited to help with a certain gentleman's feeling of shortness. He is above average in height but has mostly befriended the taller man, including Bean. I am merely an addition (or perhaps a subtraction) to the average height of his posse. He makes me smile. Cuban heels for his birthday, me thinks?

Sunday, was a morning of disappointment. I was meant to be trying to be an assistant to the wonderful Penny of Tigerlily Weddings at a photoshoot. Stupid trains. I am angers. Perhaps another time. 

So Bean and I had an unexpected day together. So we made exciting prawns (a substitute for not going to France to eat the big prawns), tsatziki with much garlic and blackberry crumble. Mmm crumble. Ohh and a little brainstorming.

It's crumblicious!

Today was meant to be Bletchley Park but the Bean was feeling a little off colour so we stayed at home. We watched Murder, She Wrote. Bean and I are very excited to go to Bletchley. It is such special place. It makes me very proud to be British. (Although if I think about how we treated Mr Turing after the war I may start to cry. It makes me feel sick. To know that anyone was treated in such a horrific way, leave alone one of the shining lights of country. That is indecent.)

And yes we missed the Notting Hill Carnival again. One day we will finally go together.

However we did giggle at Bean's attempt to grow a beard. Please also giggle too. Yes he is wearing a t-shirt with the slogan Kittens! (I am a good wife).

Gosh I take the best picture with Bean's phone.

I also suffered from my first twitter related dream/nightmare. It was rather strange. It involved someone accusing me of ignoring them whilst engaging in somewhat carnal activiy. They said they had proof. People on twitter got angry and I decided I was too freaked out and decided to "retire" from online life. I had the post written. It was a weird awakening to realise I did not need to stop. An odd dream. Do we think it means what it would appear? I should just quit whilst I'm ahead? 

What do you think? Does the world need another wedding blog?

*this post is useless without some pictures.
**I will concede that Whitstable does not necessarily equal adventure.


  1. Tricky Q to end on. I think that if this dream resonates then it is for a reason. And the reason might simply be to make you question and to do thinking more. Maybe it's telling you to listen to your instinct.
    Is twitter world not responding to you in the way you would like it to.
    Quite a dark dream.
    What's for sure is that you write really well. Another big question - do you want to write about other people (that would be another wedding blog) or do you want to write closer to home (maybe not another wedding blog). You are very funny, very honest and your observations are fascinating. Insightful.
    Follow where the heart leads, I say!

  2. Anna, sometimes I too wonder wonder whether there is any need for another wedding blog. I look at other bloggers and I tell myself that there are already so many wedding bloggers who do a much better job than me that really, what is the point? But, you know what? I'm realising more and more that the way we all approach the subject and the way we write differ so much that my readers are most probably not your readers, or Love My Dress readers. We all strive to be unique in our own way (although sometimes it's easy to look at someone else's blog and feel that you want your blog to be just like that person's). The people who read our blog like the way we write and are attracted to our personalities, so provided we put effort into it, you will find that there is always someone out there who does need ANOTHER wedding blog.
    I, for one, love your blog, so keep it going!
    You also have an incredible base of Twitter followers who are established wedding professionals who support you because they love what you do and they clearly believe in you and your blog! That alone is good reason to keep the blog going.
    I'd love to be in the same position, so when I see how well you and many others are doing it makes me want to persevere.
    Don't let night dreams distract you! ;-)

  3. You so know that I want to see a new, wedding related blog from you...

    D x

  4. I definitely think we could handle another wedding blog from you! Your writing style is fab - honest and not afraid of the truth - stay true to that and you'll have something totally unique that readers will flock to.


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