Friday, 19 August 2011

a month in the life

I don't know about you but I love to know about the people I read about. So I think I'm going to pretend that you might want to hear about my goings-on.

However, one could say it was slim pickings on the anna and fun front. But then there have been some good moments. Enjoy, I very much did!

So to begin with perhaps the best photograph of all time (of me that is!). 

I completely understand that this photo is lovely because you see very little of me!

Bean blames his eyes on the angle and insists he wasn't drunk at church.

Look into my eyes. (And no, I'm not sure I will ever stop talking about this photo).
I promise I am wearing something underneath the cardigan.

And so the booze and dancing begins.
Pretty eucalyptus ensnaring the barn.

The wedding was amazing and the first dance was epic. The fabulous actual Tom Baxter came and sang his song for the first dance. Not a dry eye in the room. I'm tearing up right now, listening to the song and thinking back. It was magical. Oh Groomie - you could not have done anything more for your radiant bride. She was beyond flabbergasted. It was perfection. She is a "slight" Baxter lover. (And by slight I obviously mean obsessed.) She got Tom Baxter from her boy and I got an axe from mine on my wedding day? Hmmm.

We danced and danced some more. I danced with my girlfriends. Oh the cheese was heavenly. And by cheese I mean music. We haven't been dancing together in so very long. I was wondrous. 

There was also Bean dancing. I very much like to dance with Bean. We are so incompatible dance wise we generally end up fighting for breath due to hysteria but it is totally worth the trip getting to said hysteria.

A few more drinks for Bean and outside time.

I'm pretty sure I wasn't drunk but my hair had escaped. What is it with my fivehead?
Yes, the fivehead is what I should be worried about in this picture!
So what was I doing?

I have no recollection and neither does Bean. Yet it is quite the usual "us" photograph. One of us looking vaguely normal and the other, well, looking a little alien.

And to bed we went, staying with lovely friends and drinking rather fine whisky.

The next step was a weekend of hen.
Luckily there are no pictures of me at the "fateful" hen.
Oh the shame. 

So let's fast forward 2 weeks to the wedding of the fateful hen.

Also please don't judge. I double dipped with my outfit. (What can I say, I'm poor and I thought it looked nice-ish)

Not entirely sure why Bean was taking a photo from this angle. Singing away to another really obscure hymn. Why do people choose seriously odd hymns if they actually want people to sing? And that's the point surely? Singing. Where was the Jerusalem? Oh I feel sorry for the non English who cannot sing Jerusalem. Just have a quick listen, god save the Queen! The best bit is the exciting violin crescendo for "arrows of desire" at around 2.04. Well, it generally makes me swell with pride.

Sneaky Nikon carrying Voltaire. I am perpetually scared by his camera. 

Yes we like this nail colour. My colour.

Thank you, Voltaire. We have approximately 500 similar shots of Bean's boys doing the same pose from our wedding and I completely missed out on all the finger pointing fun. It was only fair that I got the chance to do the same at the next Bean boy wedding! There are many more Bean boy weddings to come (hopefully!).

I bloody love this hat. Yes I do. Must do a hat post. (Remind me!) Could you invite me to your wedding so I can wear it again?

Bean very much enjoyed this wedding. There was a whole pig - I believe he got an ear and some cheeks? He was very happy about that. It was a restful wedding, with very little dancing (tiny dancefloor) and thus there was secret curled up drinking in a nook. Said nook was filled with some of Bean's favourite boys. Luckily said boys (and their women) are increasingly some of my favorite people too. 10 of us are off a cottaging (yes this sounds very wrong) in October and I am very much looking forward to it now. Hunter spoke of the all the special gin he shall be bringing. There will be many special drinks that weekend. It will be good.

And so we move on to the past week where we have been a baby-sitting this gorgeous monster for two very special people who just got married and not only am I super sad I couldn't make it (Bean's boy got there first) but the girl person in question was the gorgeous Tarah and her photographs were being taken by two very special people. Super sad face for anna. Not for Tarah, obviously! Speaking to her mother yesterday it sounds like it was delicious! Double super sad face.

LiBot - the tiger.

He is often pensive.

with cute shoes - well I guess they are feet.

but always longing for the outside. 

and finally, in case you missed the post yesterday.

The joy of vajazzling!

and now let me introduce you into the most hideous picture of themself that anyone has ever let be put on a blog. I just couldn't not. It is hilarious! Bean couldn't stop laughing.

Why does my head look so misshapen?
I look like a baby after a forceps delivery.

What is wrong with my face?
Bean is most confused by my hair - he says "make it stop" and luckily it has.

Tomorrow I get to finally see Cy Twombly's work in the flesh. I am beyond excited. He is (and I think always will be) my most favourite artist. I'm sure I don't understand his work but I surely love it.

Actually when I think about it. Life isn't that bad.

It could be much better but things are ok.

Also I have news which I am not allowed to talk about but nonetheless I am exceptionally excited about. I just want to say, yay! (Is that mysterious enough for you?)
(Await the redacted version of this - I was sworn to secrecy!)

So have you enjoyed this mini jaunt? Up for another soon?

What have you been up to? I fear with my recent bitch of a cold I have missed out and I really do want to know.


  1. YEY for the update! Lovely to hear from you, and I LOVE your hat! And Tarah's puss is soooooo cute xxx

    PS no shame in double dipping the outfit - I'm intending to wear my engagement dress (the dress I happened to be wearing when the boy asked the question - a year ago today EEK!) to four wedding this year because I love it - it just makes good sense...!

  2. Anna, I think I love you. But you already knew that right? I lost count of the amount of times I've just laughed/snorted out loud. This may be my favourite post ever, and not just because you said you were going cottaging...

    Love this little slice of yours and Bean's life and I for one am firmly on the "more hilarious photos of Anna and Bean!" campaign. You guys rock.

  3. I LOVE Cy Twombly too. I have a framed repro of Autumn on my wall. So sad that he's gone.

  4. Anna this post is brilliant, I love the pics. That hat, coming from a non-hat wearing person, is to die for.


  5. I'm glad you're properly back Anna. I missed you. And I think you look lovely in ALL of these pictures. x

  6. yay anna is back - love this post anna! you and bean made me proper laugh - loving the hair, hat and 5 head especially!

    Sarah xxx

  7. Love love love the hat! When will Americans start wearing more hats?!?!

  8. Oooh. I love all of these. Even you kitty looks like it fits right in with the lovely and fun Anna and Bean.

    I am glad to know that you are no longer yellow. Please don't do that again. It is quit scary.

  9. see i told you you looked great VaJazzled!! Loving the update and i hope that Lion is behaving himself!

  10. I have to admit that last photo is plenty funny!! But not at all hideous, it's cute funny. I have a large arsenal of awkward photos of myself that I am much to vain to share, but oh there are some doozies let me tell you.

    And you look beautiful in all of the wedding photos, that hat is amazing! I wish we wore hats to weddings in the US, I should have requested hat wearing on my wedding invitations.

  11. Thanks for your lovely comments. Loving reading your blog so far, so hello from a new follower! x

  12. "I promise I am wearing something underneath the cardigan..." There's no shame in wearing nothing underneath the cardigan. :)


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