Friday, 5 August 2011

The Love My Dress Summer Soiree

Of course I love Annabel.

On Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of attending the Love My dress Summer Soiree at the wonderful Baltic in Gateshead. An event for brides and industry lovelies alike! Now that I am back in a world with internet I thought I should fill you in!

I had spent the past week "playing" with my nephews and one of my brother in laws in Durham (so I could avoid a 6.15am train ride up to Newcastle.) Two boys, a two year old and a four year old are the best contraceptive ever. Shockingly loud with so much stuff. Playing with my cousin's 11 month old however - super broodiness. Oh Lovelace*, you are just adorable.

Anyhoo, back to the task in hand. On Wednesday evening a found myself in Newcastle looking to cross the river. Across the engineering wonder that is the Winking Eye Bridge. Tis rather thrilling to watch the bridge pivot on its axis to allow boats pass. Huzzah for clever engineers.

All I knew was that I needed to follow these glamorous ladies across the bridge into the joy that was across the water. I am entirely sure that Newcastle nor Gateshead have never seen such deliciously dressed people. The silks, the chiffons, the feathers, the sequins, the eyeliner, the red lipsticks and of course decadent head wear.  I think by now you know I adore all things hat.  All I needed to do was take a delightfully chic step across the river to find myself submerged in a fabulous vintage world of joy, laughter and cocktails.

I am lucky enough to show you a taster of the prettiness here on anna and the ring but to see the full set of the glamorous images you must pop over to Love My Dress! The prettiness was captured by Helen Russell and Katy Lunsford. Prepare to swoon!

The venue was effectively a blank space but Annabel worked with the amazing Kim Groves and had floral deliciousness created by the amazing bels flowers and the fabulous By Appointment Only Design. Swoon. There were chaise longues for the most beautiful ladies to lounge upon and look decidedly art deco. Deliciously pretty typewriters upon which to compose elegant prose. Bird cages hanging and swaying with the general hubbub of the evening. Glorious roses and subtle mounds of hydrangeas.

Dress of the night? Sorry Annabel you looked delicious but I couldn't take my eyes of the Dresses at No. 9's creation for the photographer Cat Hepple. Simply incredible. Something I would long to wear but never could. Swoon. The sleeves. The exquisite beading. The pleats. Oh me, oh my. I fear I could talk about her dress for pages and pages. All you need to do is look at the picture and cry!

Just look at it. Perfection. Would it not be such a wonderful gown for a fabulously chic bride?

I know that etiquette dictates I should now reel off a list of the wonderful people I had the pleasure of meeting but I have a certain knack for forgetting the most exciting people! I promise I wasn't tipsy but there were just so very many people and moments.  So can I leave you to pop over to the wonderful Love My Dress so you can investigate for yourself. (Yes I know I am a bad - nay appalling networker - I must write a list as I go along in future and if you see me you must demand to be added to said list! - deal?)

However, I must say thank you to the wonderful, chic, delicious, gorgeous, talented and fabulous Annabel. I hope you are incredibly proud of yourself. I am so proud of you. Thank you so much for letting me join you and your fabulous friends. Shall we do the same again next year (and preferably sooner!)? Many many kisses.

Obviously you must now pop over to the Love My Dress blog to check out all the beautiful images. Perhaps pop back and leave me a comment. Especially if I was lucky enough to meet you.

*Cunning pseudonym alert.


  1. Anna, I completely agree, the moment I saw Cat I thought, my God, she looks a VISION! Absolute perfection. I want that dress!!!!

    Thank you so very much for coming my lovely, you helped make the evening and utterly surpass any vision I ever had of people sitting there enjoying themselves.

    Thank you thank you thank you ;))))

    So much love,

    Annabel xXxXx

  2. Loved reading this and totally agree about the fabulous dress that Cat was wearing, amazingly elegant and gorgeous. And Annabel looked stunning. However, I loved your hat and your dress (and your glorious lipstick) and thought you looked very chic - it was a pleasure to meet you and to talk about all sorts during the evening. Thanks for your company.

  3. Everyone looked gorgeous, it was like one beauty after another! Although Cat did look like she had literally stepped out of an old movie, she looked like a super-star! I was quite sad that I didn't get to meet you though, maybe next time. :)

  4. Lovely to meet you the other night Anna xxx heres to our geek night!

    Julia @ Brides Up North xxx

  5. Anna, just got to hear of your lovely comments from a good friend jane at HF Couture. Cat wore THAT dress perfectly. My new nickname for her is indeed Ms Kelly.
    Thank you once again for the lovely comments concerning the gown. A pleasure to make it for such an elegant lady. xx


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